How to Fix Front Bumper Clips

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It’s highly noticeable, but, more importantly, dangerously out of place.

While having a dislodged front bumper makes your car look like a piece of junk, it also compromises the part’s function, which is to reduce physical damage to the front of your vehicle during minor collisions. This then leaves the protection of other parts like the hood, grill, and cooling system hanging (pardon the pun) in the balance.

There are a couple of ways on how to fix broken front bumper clips, the main culprit of front bumpers sagging to the point of completely falling off. The easiest, quickest, and most convenient of which is to use adhesion.

The steps are simple: just clean the surface of the clip, apply an activator to accelerate curing, then use liquid adhesive to keep things together. There are repair adhesives that claim to be tough, quick to dry, and even paintable. These attributes make the job convenient and easy to pull off. The catch, though, is that top-of-the-line activators and adhesives can be too much for the budget of a regular DIYer.

A crude alternative to this, as shared in some car groups, is to use electrical tape. However, the quality of the results holds no promise.

Bumper hanging off because of broken front bumper clips
Aside from the unsightly consequence it brings, bumper damage due to broken clips also compromises the stability of your bumper, therefore reducing its ability to absorb impact during minor collisions. | Source: Beemer Lab

Now, before you start crunching the numbers for front bumper replacement cost and jumping on replacing the entire bumper assembly, you might want to consider getting replacement clips first. Installing them is pretty straightforward. Simply loosen your bumper screws using a screwdriver, pop the bumper and gently pull it out, then push the front bumper forward so you can access what needs to be replaced. Take out the broken clip, install the new one, and that’s it!

Here’s a nifty tip: if, say, you’re driving a Mazdaspeed3 or a similar car and have ordered replacement clips for the right side of your bumper, you might want to order for the left side as well. That way, you can be sure that when you pop your bumper back into place, it’s going to be held by brand new clips—on both sides. And since bumper clips are affordable (you can get clips for the left and right side without breaking the bank), you get to maximize your expense for shipping too.

Whichever method you choose to remedy your ruined bumper clips, it’s best to have new replacements at your disposal, those that do not only withstand great amount of stress but are also “light” when it comes to bumper replacement cost. has the answer for you. We have bumper clips—even brackets—from trusted brands that can meet and exceed expectations.

You can check our collection of top-notch solutions for your damaged bumper clips—or cracked bumper, for that matter—which are all conveniently available in our easy-to-use online shop. Order today and have your parts delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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