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After weeks of speculation, Hyundai has finally confirmed the N version of the Kona crossover will be available in the United States. It will be the third high-performance model from the automaker, following the release of the Veloster N and Elantra N.

The confirmation was made through a Twitter video shared by Hyundai, showing the high-performance model running through a racetrack with the Veloster N hatchback. The first official photos of the prototype have also been released as well as information on the powertrain.

Unsurprisingly, the model will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine that makes 275 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, similar to its Veloster N sibling. However, the Kona N won’t have the same six-speed manual transmission as standard equipment. It will instead be equipped with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic. Hyundai has yet to confirm if it’s having a front-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive.

Aside from powertrain specs, Hyundai also shared that the upcoming Kona N will feature a launch control as well as an amped-up soundtrack like the unmistakable exhaust sound of the Veloster N.

In terms of body styling, the Kona N is expected to appear more aggressive with its larger wheels and tires. Dual exhaust tips and a rear spoiler are also included, while the interior gets heavily badged seating.

When it arrives, the 2021 Kona N will be the smallest SUV in Hyundai’s lineup. It will first go on sale in Europe and is expected to arrive in the US later this year.

Following the launch of the Kona N, Hyundai will work on the N Line variant of the 2022 Tucson crossover for the American market.

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