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As more car companies explore the world of alternative fuels, it’s only a matter of time until more alternative fuel vehicles are introduced in the market. Among these brands, Hyundai is leading the charge as it aims to expand its lineup by releasing nine new alternative fuel vehicles by 2022.

The company is looking to launch a total of 13 alternative fuel vehicles in three years’ time, four of which have already been introduced before and nine more coming in the next few years.


, Hyundai Plans to Expand Lineup with 9 Alternative Fuel Models
Among the four alternative fuel vehicles Hyundai already launched, Ioniq accounts for three: its regular version, a plug-in hybrid, and a hybrid version.

Among the four models, Ioniq accounts for three with its regular version, a plug-in hybrid, and a hybrid version. Ioniq was released by Hyundai exclusively in Europe and Asia. The other one is the Sonata HEV, whose eighth-generation (also known as the DN8) was released in April this year at the New York Auto Show. A hybrid version of the sedan is set to arrive in the United States next year.

Considering this, it’s highly likely that Hyundai will introduce hybrid or plug-in hybrid versions of models that are already available in the American market. This includes a refreshed Hyundai Kona for the 2020 or 2021 model year.

Hyundai intends to make waves in the industry with this recent announcement. But it would also be a challenge to expect brands to introduce completely new electric vehicles using alternative fuels until 2022 given the availability of information and resources at hand. The public’s best bet would have to be on restyled variants of existing cars from Hyundai.

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