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Hyundai is recalling 207,000 units of the Sonata due to a fuel leak, according to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This follows a similar recall issued by its sibling company, Kia, for the Optima sedan.

In initial documents filed on February 28, Hyundai stated the recall affects 206,896 Sonatas from the 2013 and 2014 model years.

According to the automaker, the problem is caused by a low-pressure fuel hose that could crack and begin to leak fuel. And when the fuel becomes exposed near combustion, it increases the risk of a fire.

Hyundai logo on dealership building
Hyundai said it will notify owners of affected vehicles by mail starting April 24.

Hyundai, however, clarified that there have been no reports of fires that may be related to the problem.

If the problem develops in a Sonata, car owners may start noticing the smell of fuel. Otherwise, there are no other known identifiers.

The issue is currently under investigation at the Hyundai headquarters and the company does not have a fix ready for affected customers. Based on the documents, Hyundai believes the fuel hose material may be susceptible to heat under certain conditions, but the company has not released a final conclusion.

When Hyundai devises a possible fix to the fuel leak problem, dealers will be instructed to do the repairs at no cost to car owners.

The company said it will begin notifying owners of affected vehicles by mail starting April 24. Hyundai also did not give any indication the sedans are unsafe to drive.

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