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Two secret projects are reportedly in the works at the Hyundai N headquarters, one of which is believed to be coming to the United States.

At the recent 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the South Korean brand did not shy away among the crowd of mostly European carmakers and proudly debuted two new concepts currently in development–the 45 Concept and the Veloster N ETCR all-electric race car that will be under Hyundai Motorsport–as well as the production model Veloster N, cousin to the i30 N hatchback, i30 N Project C, and i30 Fastback that are all not available in the U.S.

Having these models on the table and putting the spotlight on bold design and performance at the auto show, it is highly likely that Hyundai is looking to expand its performance division, particularly in America, where it has little to no presence in this aspect.

, Hyundai N Working on Two Projects, One Set for U.S. Launch
Hyundai has two new secret projects lined up as follow-up to the i30 Fastback and other cars it debuted at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show,

Hyundai global research and development head Albert Biermann confirmed the theories during the event where he led the unveiling of two new N models in advanced stages of development.

“A small car and a higher car,” Biermann said. “All I can say [is] it is higher, not bigger than the Veloster N.”

This could mean that the company is building a new crossover that will become part of its lineup in the next few years.

Asked whether the crossover he was referring to is the previously-rumored Kona, Biermann gave a smile and a wink before also confirming that the small car he mentioned, which will be based on the i20 platform, is not heading to America.

So, say the Kona (N) is indeed going to the States. When can consumers expect it to arrive? The Hyundai executive refused to give out specific details on the official launch of the model, but he said that “development is at an advanced stage right now.”

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