Is Ford Reviving Supercar Technology in F-Series?

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Despite holding onto the title of as the manufacturer of the best-selling vehicle in the United States, Ford is refusing to relax as it continues to come up with new technologies for the hybrid and all-electric versions of the F-150 pickup.

Reports are circulating suggesting the automaker could be reviving its Supercar Technology in the highly popular F-series. This after it was discovered the company filed for a new patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

If the new four-wheel steering end up being built into the F-Series Super Duty trucks, the vehicles are expected to have improved handling on tough terrains.

In an article published by Patent Swarm, Ford reportedly filed a patent that shows a new design for four-wheel steering intended for the F-Series Super Duty trucks. This feature is usually found  on supercars such as the Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and Porsche 911.

The patent application was revealed to have been filed on December 12, 2019, with the abstract stating that the system, which features an Ackermann steering geometry, “enables mechanically linked steerable wheels to move together simultaneously during turning and steering movements.”

Moreover, the Ackermann geometry does not make it possible for a vehicle’s tires to turn about different points while the vehicle turns.

Ford has not confirmed if the system will actually go into production. But if the four-wheel steering does end up being built into the F-Series Super Duty trucks, the vehicles are expected to have better steering response, cornering stability, tighter turning, and improved handling on tough terrains.

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