JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Episode 8: Aries Aluminum Tube Flares, Method Grid Wheels and BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 Tires

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With a lift and larger tires looming it was time to select fender flares that would complement the look of our JC Whitney 101 Jeep, after much research we decided to remove the plastic factory flares and install a set of Aries aluminum flares on our Wrangler Unlimited Sport

The flares arrived neatly packaged and individually wrapped to avoid scratches and dings. Our friends at Aries did us a huge solid and sent these particular flares out for a custom brushed finish. Installing flares is typically an easy but elaborate process involving removing the old flares and preparing the body for installation of the new flares. The removal process is the same; you unbolt the inner fender liner and support structure and rip the front flares off with enough force to dislodge anchors without bending the sheet metal. The rears flares are even more direct, you just rip them right off-see our video below.

With the front turn signals disconnected and the factory liners and flares out of the way we found lots of room to work. Aries provides compression fittings that slip into the holes in the body so there is no cutting or drilling required. With the fittings threaded with the provided tool we were ready to install the front flare and it went on smoothly and looks great. This is a one man project that will consume 4 hours on a Saturday-we can’t think of an easier or more cost efficient way to change the look and increase the functionality of any Jeep.

The Aries flare flange bolts right up to the Jeep body with the provided hardware. Make sure and completely seat the compression fitting for the best fit of the flare to the body.

We moved the rear of the Jeep and repeated the same process.

Next up was wheels and tires and we know that the BFG KO2/Method combo will be a great set up for our Unlimited. Both brands have proven their mettle in grueling races in Baja and recreational wheeling in Moab and many points in between. As an added bonus to their off road capability, the highway manners of the KO2 are downright plush. Our JC Whitney centennial Celebration Jeep “Captain America” Jeep is wearing 37” KO2’s and we have driven thousands of miles this year between shows in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Chicago and Louisville in comfort. We chose standard size 17X8.5 Grid wheels and a 35” tire for a functional set-up on road and off. The Rancho long arm lift kit we will install will complete the Jeeps’ suspension transformation and will make it an even more formidable force on the trail.

We finished up the flare installation while Junior and Jose at OC Motorsports mounted up our new Method Wheels and BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 tires. OC Motorsports has much experience mounting larger tires and wheels and do an excellent job of balancing wheel and tire packages for on and off road use. The Method Grid wheel is finished with titanium colored center and contrasts sharply with our white Jeep and the Aries aluminum flare. We think the Aries, Method & BFG combo looks great!



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