JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Episode 9: KC HiLites Gravity LED Headlights

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As we have discovered over the course of our previous Jeep projects, the stock headlights leave quite a bit to be desired. Fortunately the Aftermarket has produced many upgrades offering multiple ways to enhance the look and performance of your lighting. We have continued to choose KC HiLites to upgrade our Jeeps, and with its combination of DOT approval and plug and play installation they are a solid choice for our 101 Jeep project. The Gravity headlight has new patented Gravity Reflective Diode technology to maximize the light beam pattern and distance. KC does a great job of packaging the lights with all of the accessories required for a successful install. Removing the stock lights and installing the KC HiLites Gravity headlights is a 30 minute project with basic hand tools.

With the hood open the first task is to remove the fasteners securing the top of the grille to the body. Next, remove the turn signal bulbs from their housings with a twist. Once the grille fasteners and turn signal bulbs are cleared just pull the bottom of the grille straight out to remove it from the body. Then remove the (4) T15 screws securing the headlight ring to the headlight housing. Gently pull the headlight out, remove the chrome ring (you will reuse the retaining ring) and carefully disconnect the stock headlight from the harness. Installing the KC HiLites Gravity LED headlight is just as easy; apply a dab of the supplied dielectric grease to ensure a faultless connection.

Be very gentle when disconnecting the stock headlight, the red tab is fragile. The KC HiLites Gravity LED headlights don’t require an anti-flicker module so they snap right into the factory harness.

The KC HiLites Gravity LED headlights are indexed to make alignment worry free, just line up the tabs and reinstall the retaining rings and T15 screws. Test your low beams and high beams, then button up the grille and reinstall the turn signal bulbs and admire your work! Before:


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