EPISODE 7: KC HILITES LED Headlight Install

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Tools Required: Hand tools

Installed By: OC Motorsports

Install Time: Approximately 1 hour

Modern Jeeps are truly impressive; comfortable, highly capable off road and packed with the creature comforts we love including AC, Satellite Radio, Power Windows, Cruise Control and so on. The one area where our Jeep doesn’t “shine” is the lighting department; the stock headlights are not up to the standard set by the rest of the vehicle. There are many aftermarket light upgrades available for the Jeep and after researching options we chose to install the DOT Approved plug and play LED 7” headlight upgrade from Centennial sponsor KC HiLites. Since pioneering auxiliary lighting in 1970 and proving their mettle in punishing races like the Baja 1000 and Dakar Rally; KC HILITES continues to develop and produce lighting of the highest quality with their “23 Year Guarantee.”

The KC HiLites headlight upgrade promises increased brightness and an enhanced beam pattern versus the stock lights with the added benefit of LED efficiency and life span. Since we have added additional power requirements to our OE electrical system (Westin winch and auxiliary lighting and Innovative JK Products air system) it’s helpful to save electrical resources wherever we can. Daniel was assigned to our project and started by removing the grille which comes off in one piece by releasing the plugs and their sleeves on top and pulling the grille at the bottom to free the tabs from their slots below. After removing the bulbs from the front turn signals the grille comes away giving Daniel easy access to the rings securing the headlights to the chassis. Daniel unscrewed the retaining rings and disconnected the plugs from the harness and removed the stock headlights.

The KC HILITES headlights use the factory connectors and they plug right into factory harness. No splicing or cutting is required and the anti-flicker modules are built into the light. There are many Jeep headlight alternatives on the market and more than a few LED options available-when you consider quality, materials of construction and fit and finish you will see why we chose KC HILITES for the Centennial Jeep.

In addition to brighter light, lower power consumption and a more focused light pattern the KC HILITES LED headlights also add a custom look to the front of our Jeep.

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