EPISODE 8: Flowmaster Force II Exhaust Install

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Tools Required: Hand tools and a lift would be helpful
Installed By: OC Motorsports
Install Time: Approximately 1 hour

We have learned to love our Centennial JK and its skill at tackling long distance highway runs between shows and off road trails with equal prowess. We noticed early on that the exhaust note on our stock Jeep was more subtle than we wanted so we started looking for aftermarket options. Turns out that the off-road market has been very busy for Flowmaster and they chose the opposite of the “one size fits all” approach creating (4) different cat-back or axle back exhaust options for 2007-2015 Jeep owners featuring mild to moderate to aggressive sound levels to fit the 2015 JK. After looking at the fitment options and listening to the sound clips on www.FlowmasterMufflers.com we opted for the more moderate sound and dual outlet style of their Force II system. The Flowmaster axle-back muffler system arrived at OC Motorsports neatly packaged and ready to be installed. Daniel was once again assigned the project and was eager to see the fit and finish of the Flowmaster system and hear its effect on the tone of our Jeep.

Flowmaster manufacturers the Force II system and their entire product range of mufflers, exhaust systems and accessories at their plant outside of Sacramento, CA from 409 Stainless Steel with mandrel bent 2.5” inlet and dual 3.5” stainless steel outlets using the OE hangers and mounting points for a clean look.

The Flowmaster exhaust fit perfectly and Daniel adjusted one of the factory hanger points to level the dual 3.5” polished and angled tips to match the bumper. We think the Flowmaster exhaust compliments the look of our Centennial JK and the sound level is perfect for our taste. It has a nice acceleration growl at throttle tip-in and settles into a comfortable tone at highway speed. Listen to sound clips of the Force II system on our Jeep here: with over 4,000 miles and ten states covered with our Rubicon we are very happy with our Flowmaster exhaust: Start-Up:

Start up and Drive Away:

Drive-By Accelerating@50MPH

Daniel remarked that most exhausts don’t go as smoothly as the Flowmaster axle back and he was impressed with the quality of welds.

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