JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Episode 3: Flowmaster Force II Axle-Back Exhaust

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With our Sweepstakes Jeep breathing better with a K&N intake we wanted to upgrade the exhaust to reduce back pressure and enhance the power and sound quality of our 3.6 liter V6 engine. We have found Flowmaster exhausts to be a great compliment to our previous JK builds and chose another Flowmaster system for our JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes project. The Force II series from Flowmaster is a great choice for any Jeep; constructed from stainless steel and features a mild/moderate sound level via the Super 50 muffler withFlowmasters’ patented Delta Flow technology. Plus the 3” polished tip looks sharp compared to the generic stock exhaust.

After two JK installations we have come to appreciate Flowmaster quality, especially the sound quality of their exhaust systems as we have driven our Centennial Jeep back and forth across the country to various Jeep events. There are louder systems available, but for the health of our ears, Jeep road tripping and off road adventures we are big fans of Flowmaster. The Force II system arrived neatly packed and ready for installation with instructions and hardware in the box. Honestly, the most challenging part of the Flowmaster installation was removing the factory muffler! The rubber hangers needed a few shots of WD-40 before they were willing to let go of their mounts so that the muffler could be coaxed out from under the Jeep.

With room to work the Flowmaster muffler fit perfectly onto the stock exhaust pipe and the hanger points lined up exactly. With the tail pipe and its hanger installed we would position the tip where we wanted it relative to our Snyper bumper for maximum clearance. Tightening the factory clamps was easy and knowing that the Flowmaster kit includes their limited lifetime warranty means that whoever wins the Jeep will enjoy this system for many years to come. The install time was less than 30 minutes with the stock muffler out of the way.

Before Flowmaster:

After Flowmaster:

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