JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Introduction and Episode 1

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A year can pass so quickly, especially a Centennial celebration year, 2015 was filled with three vehicles built to commemorate JC Whitney’s 100th Year as the source for Everything Automotiveand we offered up a custom Truck and Jeep as a desirable prize.

We had so much fun throwing a 100th birthday party for JC Whitney we decided to follow it up with our 101 promotion, inspired by the amazing highway that hugs the West Coast. Drivers that have experienced the joy of the twisty two lanes overlooking the Pacific Ocean know how inspiring the road can be. JC Whitney’s 101 program honors all of the different dream roads and the drivers that have turned to JC Whitney for parts and inspiration for their project cars, trucks, Jeeps and motorcycles.

And speaking of Jeeps, we had such a tremendous adventure traversing the country last year that we chose to add more events to our tour; taking our Centennial Jeep back to Moab, Jeep Beachand the JC Whitney Car show in LaSalle, IL while scheduling new stops at Jeep and Truck events in Louisville Kentucky, Lima Ohio, Butler and York PA, Ocean City Maryland before ending up back in Southern California for our 2016 Sweepstakes Jeep presentation at OC Motorsports on September 13 when one lucky person will drive away in a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited customized with parts and accessories from 101 Sponsors Crown Automotive, Flowmaster Exhaust, Powerstop Brakes, Rancho Suspension and Westin Automotive. Once again the Jeep gurus at OC Motorsports are running the wrenches on our build and offering their advice and guidance to make our 101 Jeep an authentic off road runner.

And now we start again with a blank canvas, a 2016 Wrangler Unlimited Sport actually-to build a perfect all around off roader with highway manners for the long distance rides to ultimate Jeeping locales like Moab, Butler and beyond. After picking up our new vanilla Jeep we immediately drove to OC Motorsports to hand over the keys to Dan and Brandon and called JC Whitney 101 sponsors to provide their latest performance and accessory components for our build.

The first parts to arrive were hand delivered by Hitesh at Westin and he brought front and rear off road bumpers from their new Snyper line. Well crafted and Made in America, the Snyper bumpers bolt on to transform the look of our new Jeep in just a few hours.

Pulling the stock Wrangler bumpers was easy-just hand tools required. The Snyper bumpers are packaged well to avoid any damage in transit. Westin provided matching LED lights that fit perfectly and gasket to the bumper to seal dust and moisture out. Starting with the rear bumper, the Snyper Recoil bumper bolts right up to the factory mounting points with new heavy duty hardware. Per the Snyper directions we installed the Westin lights in the bumpers before we mounted the bumpers to the Jeep.

The Snyper Marksman front bumper is impressive, functional and well constructed with a winch tray, quad light mounts and hook mounts and a stinger for multiple recovery options.

With the Jeep on alift at OC Motorsports, the front bumper came off in a breeze and the new Snyper Marksman bumper fit perfect on the factory mounting point, no cutting, drilling or trimming required. Both bumpers are powder coated black and the finish is high quality and looks like it will stand up well to the elements.

Here’s how our 101 Sweepstakes Jeep looks after its new bumper install-thanks to OC Motorsports and Westin Automotive for the help and the awesome new bumpers.

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