JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Episode 10: Powerstop 4 Wheel Brake Kit

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With our 101 Jeep on 35” BF Goodrich K02 tires and Method Grid wheels we would prefer more braking efficiency to stop the momentum of our Wrangler Unlimited Sport. There are a few big brake kits on the market for the Wrangler and they each have trade-offs with pad noise, wheel size, clearance issues and expense. Powerstop has made a name for themselves combining upgraded rotors and pads into their easy to specify “1-click brake kits”. We have come to appreciate the enhanced stopping power, low dust and quiet operation of their Z36 Truck and Tow kit for heavy duty applications. Powerstop does a great job of packaging everything required into just a couple of boxes. If your application includes wear sensors they will be in the box with hi-temp brake lube. Since we are using standard factory mounting points and calipers there is no need to cut or drill and the Powerstop kit fits perfectly. Any shade tree mechanic can tackle this project with basic tools. With access to a lift it’s even easier and Junior and Daniel at OC Motorsports tackled the brakes while installing the Rancho Long arm lift and Dana Ultimate 44 crate front axle. Removing the caliper mounting brackets and calipers allows Junior to remove the stock plain rotors and replace them with the slotted and cross drilled Powerstop rotors and Z36 pads.

Here’s a shot of the rear rotor and Z36 pads in place:

The slots and drilled holes help dissipate gases and keep the rotor cool under heavy duty use including hauling, towing and off roading where you are balancing the brake against the throttle while negotiating obstacles. Moving to the front of the Jeep Daniel took over and repeated the process and replaced the stock rotors and pads with the Powerstop Z36 kit components.

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