JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Episode 4: Coverking Skanda Typhon Kryptek Tactical Seat Covers

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Installing high quality, fitted seat covers to your Jeep is an easy upgrade that will keep your interior looking good and your seats looking new for many years. Custom seat covers are another way to personalize your Jeep, as seen with the Kryptek pattern and PAL/M.O.L.L.E. tactical fastening system on the front row seatbacks that allow for the attachment of (6) provided and other optional cargo pockets to suit your exact needs. Plus, we like the dirt hiding abilities and contrast of the Typhon camo pattern against the black interior and white exterior of the 101 Sweepstakes Jeep.

As seen in our Made In America series, Coverking cuts and sews custom covers in Anaheim, CA to fit a myriad of vehicles. We picked up our set directly from Coverking and wanted to install them as soon as possible on our Sweepstakes Jeep to keep the seat fabric on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited pristine for its new owner. The Kryptek covers we selected are tough and strong, 10X stronger than cotton covers and their inner lining is waterproof too. Coverking does a great job of packaging the front and rear seat covers with applicable instructions and a handy tool to assist in getting the fit spot-on. Starting with the driver seat will removed the headrest and installed the cover per the instructions. Coverking was kind enough to supply blank headrests so we could add the JC Whitney 101 logo so that the lucky winner will never forget who built this awesome Jeep! We continued on to the driver seat and slipped the cover over the top and gently pulled it down the seatback and into position to cover the seat bottom. The Coverking provided tool was helpful in corralling the straps that secure the cover under the seat without having to stuff your hands under the seat rails and finding various sharp edges and obstacles.

The Coverking seat covers offer 100% protection- you won’t find odd sun bleached spots or wear points when you take these covers off to wash them after a muddy trail ride. The front seats feature side airbag pockets to ensure that the impact protection system actuates as designed by Jeep in the event of a crash. All of the seat controls, latches and handles are also easily accessible.

Moving to the rear row we find a 60/40 split set up that is well designed and a snap to install. We started with the 60 side of the rear bench and slid the cover over the seat back and pulled the soft wear material on the inner seam of the cover into position. Next we lined up the Velcro and zippers on the back of the seat and secured the straps using the Coverking tool. The 40 side of the rear bench was just as easy-Coverking has spent considerable time and resources designing these covers to fit the rear folding seats that have a wide range of motion and we think they have done an exemplarily job.

Finishing with the front passenger seat we repeated the steps and completed the installation. Finally we attached a few of the provided M.O.L.L.E. cargo units for additional storage space in our Jeep. Take a look at the results; we think you will be very pleased with the fit and finish of the Coverking seat cover kit.

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