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Coverking Car Cover protects your ride from the sun, rain, bird droppings, minor nicks, scratches and even small hail damage. It also protects the interior from fading.

Coverking has a full line of indoor and outdoor car covers. You may choose from the Silverguard series for the budget-conscious, the tough and rugged Stormproof series, or the soft Satin Stretch line for indoor use. Not only for protection against damage or covering up existing damages, Coverking Custom Seat Covers give a more colorful, sleek design for the interior of the vehicle. They perfectly fit into the seats - maximizing features from reclining to folding and removal. It covers headrests, armrests, console covers for split bench seats and map pockets. Coverking Seat Covers also have provisions for airbags.

Custom Car Covers now available in the most advanced material, Stormproof - Coverking Custom Car Covers are now available in Stormproof material - the latest advancement in Custom Car Cover fabrics. Stormproof Custom Car Covers are more resistant to the elements because the Stormproof Custom Car Cover material is Untreated/ Most Car Cover materials are treated or coated to provide protection from the elements. Stormproof Custom Car Covers are inherently water, sun, ice and dust resistant. Washing most Car Covers will strip away the protective coating. Custom Car Covers made from Stormproof remain as resistant to the elements as the day they were produced.

Coverking: Precision & Technology

Restore the looks of your car using high-quality and reliable Coverking products. From dash covers, floor mats, seat covers, to sun shields, Coverking offers various designs to suit your taste and your vehicle's appearance.
Your car deserves nothing but the best, especially if you want to keep it in top condition and enhance its appearance at the same time. With Coverking, all your car-protection needs are covered. Coverking is the best there is when it comes to covers for various exterior and interior car parts, providing a variety of products in different styles that perfectly match your preferences.
Parking on the street and other public places always brings that feeling of anxiety because you'll never know what's going to happen to your car after you leave it there. So, to keep your mind from worry, wrap your car with a custom car cover by Coverking. These covers protect your car against nicks, debris, and adverse weather. The company's car covers have minimum amounts of seams to reduce the risk of tears and seam failure. It is also "breathable," preventing rusting by allowing moisture trapped inside to breathe out. Custom sunshields are also available if you want to protect the vehicle's interior from damaging UV rays that go through the windshield. Each sunshield is made with high insulation properties and aluminized coating to effectively reflect UV rays. The company also manufactures high-quality seat covers, dash covers, and floor mats for a fully-protected interior.
Coverking is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to custom car covers, backed by over 20 years of experience in the business and the use of the latest design technology for the company's products. With guaranteed quality and durability, along with a wide range of covers for different purposes, Coverking really has your car's protection covered.

Choosing the Right Coverking Product, For the Right Job

Coverking car covers and seat covers are custom designed to fit your vehicle - no dealing with so-called "universal" covers.

Backed by their 1-year warranty, Coverking products are a reliable and strong choice to protect your vehicle.

The seat covers Coverking designs not only personalize your auto, they protect the original upholstery.

Coverking seat covers come complete with everything you need right out of the box - no hidden charges.

Whether you're looking to store that classic car in your gentle garage this year or are going to put your truck outside to brave the harsh winter elements, we have a Coverking car cover for you. Coverking has a full line of car covers to suit every application, be it soft covers for indoor storage or covers designed to protect your vehicle from the harshest punishment Mother Nature can deliver. Choose from the economical Triguard series, the indoor-only Stretch Satin series, or the all-weather Stormproof series. If you're looking for a soft, indoor cover to protect your precious investment from dust and children, look no further than the Stretch Satin series. For more protection, the Silverguard and Triguard series give medium protection from light sun, rain, and snow. All-out protection comes from the impervious Stormproof series which shrugs off any weather condition that you can throw at it. In addition to offering external protection, all Coverking car covers are designed to allow moisture and heat to escape, thus protecting the vulnerable finish of the vehicle beneath it. In keeping with everything else that Coverking manufacturers, each car cover they produce is custom molded to fit your vehicle like a glove. Don't bother with a cheaper, universal car cover; Coverking car covers will save you money in the long run. All Coverking car covers are backed by a 1-year warranty and come in several colors to fit every customers personal preference.

Coverking custom seat covers are the perfect addition to add style and flare to your vehicle. As well as adding that extra personalized touch, they will protect the original upholstery from wear and tear. Original upholstery in excellent condition is very important if you ever decide to sell your auto in the future. These seat covers are designed to fit your specific vehicle exactly. No more buying so-called "universal" seat covers that install easily but then do not fit well at all. Coverking seat covers are designed to drop right in yet still allow the full functionality that the original seat provides, such as reclining and folding positions. These sets come complete with everything you need to install the seat cover, including headrests, armrests, console covers, and even map pockets. The safety of your vehicle is also of utmost importance to Coverking. All Coverking seat covers allow integrated airbags and seatbelts to function properly. Coverking seat covers are constructed from quality materials that must meet stringent standards for fading, fire resistance, and wear. Quality assurance tests are administered thoroughly before any of the seat covers are actually shipped out. In addition to these front seat sets, Coverking also offers many rear-seat applications. And for that extra little touch, Coverking also offers custom embroidered GM logos for certain applications. All Coverking seat covers are backed by a 1-year warranty and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Coverking: Extensive Product Fit Brought about by Advanced CAD and CAM Systems

Since 1986, Coverking has been one of the trusted providers of car covers in the United States. Its products are crafted based on an aerospace defense background, making it distinct among its competitors. Using the logic of defense weapons systems, Coverking offers consumers with outstanding pattern quality and better-fitting products.

Along with the advanced technologies used to create its high-quality car covers, Coverking also applies the useful knowledge and experience of its founder into every step of its manufacturing process. The company's founder is an industrial and electrical engineer who used to work in the Aerospace Defense industry of Southern California. He employs the same logic in the process of cut-and-sew custom automotive accessories.

Coverking's products possess sophisticated patterns of quality, thanks to its CAD and CAM systems. The manufacturing lead time of its products also became efficient, with the automation bringing better product fit in just a small amount of time. Aside from quality, Coverking also integrates innovative technology with the CAD and CAM systems to provide an overall customer satisfaction.

Seat covers that stand out

When it comes to car seats, Coverking understands that providing top-notch covers that really fit are important for aesthetics and ride convenience. With that in mind, the company incorporated a state-of-the-art 3D imaging technique into its manufacturing process in order to precisely measure every inch of a particular car seat, allowing it to produce seat covers that are sure to have a seamless fit. Coverking has successfully mapped out numerous seats for different makes and models of vehicles, making it easier for customers to find a cover that suits their needs perfectly. And since customer satisfaction is one of the company's main goals, it also ensures that all the seat covers that it produces are made of high-quality materials that don't easily rip apart. Unlike its competitors, Coverking guarantees that the material thickness of its product is the same all throughout, which means that customers never have to worry about thin fabric on the side and back areas of their seats. All these desired features simply make the Coverking seat covers worth the price.

Vehicle covers that truly protect

There's no doubt that Coverking is bent on manufacturing products to help its customers protect their priced possession. Aside from seat covers, the company is also known for producing high-quality custom-made vehicle covers that are guaranteed to look good, work great, and fit perfectly. The manufacturing process of these versatile covers also involves 3D scanning technique to ensure that all the curves and edges of a specific vehicle are measured accurately. Coverking also provides its customers with a plethora of fabric choices and finishes to suit their tastes. What makes these vehicle covers different from the rest is that they're made from fabric materials that are designed and constructed by Coverking itself. Each of the covers is also sewn durably to ensure that it offers the best protection against the sun, dirt, and harsh weathers. With Coverking's outstanding custom manufacturing capabilities, customers are rest assured that they're getting an excellent vehicle cover that suits their car perfectly.

Dash covers that look amazing

Coverking's custom dash covers are also another great addition to its commendable product line. These custom-fit dash covers come in a variety of fade-resistant colors, which are sure to spice up the interior appearance of any vehicle. For a better-looking fit, Coverking stitches these covers up in a zigzag pattern to ensure that they hug the contours of a dashboard perfectly. To top it all off, these dash covers are also heated and molded to ensure that they go over the dashboard flawlessly, giving any car a sleek and refined facade. Considering the features of its products, there's definitely no doubt that Coverking values its vision of protecting and enhancing its customers' belongings.

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