Jeep Brings Back Bill Murray for Coronavirus Ad

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Bill Murray is making a return in another Jeep advertisement to encourage people to stay at home during the worsening coronavirus situation in the United States.

The new ad is a refreshed version of the commercial that the automaker released to advertise the Gladiator at the Super Bowl earlier this year. In it, Bill Murray reprised his character, Phil Connors, from the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.

This time around, though, the 26-second ad called “Same Day” reflects the current situation in America. It reiterated Jeep’s message for people to stay at home if possible.

The ad shows Phil waking up as the classic Sonny and Cher song “I Got You Babe” played in the background. But instead of doing all sorts of activities, he just stays in bed.

The video went on to say, “We understand that every day is starting to feel the same. Stay home. Stay healthy. When this is over the trails will be waiting.”

According to Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois, Murray let the company reuse the commercial footage free of charge.

“Not only was [Murray] okay with it, he actively participated in the creative,” Francois told CNBC.

Murray was revealed to have pitched ideas for the two of the three ads that Jeep is running.

The infomercial also uses the automaker’s new hashtag campaign, #StayOffTheRoad, which the brand has used in a number of its coronavirus-related releases.

Other brands under the FCA umbrella have also released their versions of the “Stay at Home” theme. Ram shared a “Work for Home” message, while Dodge touched on the connection between its muscle cars and the “muscle” of the “first responders and others on the frontline of the pandemic.” Fiat, on the other hand, uses the hashtag #MorePowerfulInPark for its COVID-19 campaign.

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