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As it has been doing the last couple of weeks, Jeep dropped yet another teaser for the upcoming release of the new Grand Wagoneer. This time, however, the set of images is accompanied by a clearer detail: “Coming Sept. 3.”

Less than a month since it started giving hints at something “Grand,” the automaker finally confirmed that the SUV will be arriving first week of September.

The latest in the company’s series of teasers is a video shared on Twitter showing the silhouette of the Grand Wagoneer, which Jeep refers to as the “shape of premium.”

Nothing much can be gleaned from the video except that the SUV appears to be more muscular than the Grand Cherokee. Combined with the other teasers Jeep previously released, customers now have a few albeit vague cues of the vehicle’s heavily stylized grille, dial, and badge.

The new Grand Wagoneer is expected to pick up a retail price of up to $100,000 when furnished with complete accessories, while customers who prefer a less glamorous version can opt for the standard Wagoneer that will also arrive with its bigger sibling next month.

Both models will ride on the Ram 1500’s chassis and will be offered with a plug-in hybrid variant. Following the official launch in September, Jeep will begin production in 2021.

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