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A Jeep exterior designer recently shared initial sketches of the new Grand Wagoneer, which will be making a comeback after nearly three decades.

Recently shown to the public in its concept form, the popular nameplate sports a boxy design with intricate detailing that is expected to reach the final production version when it arrives. But before the automaker revealed the concept, the vehicle looked different from what it’s going to be.

Taylor Langhals, a Jeep designer, shared two sketches of the Grand Wagoneer on Instagram. But instead of a preview of its production design, his post gives everyone a glimpse of the earlier stages of the Grand Wagoneer’s design process.

Based on the sketches, the automaker appears to have considered going for daring concepts at the start, marked by noticeable narrow glasshouses and highly uneven wheel designs. There are also thick body-color roof pillars redolent of the Hummer H2.

The two sketches also reveal very slim headlights, none of which are using the brand’s traditional seven-slat grille. Some design cues from the Land Rover Evoque are also evident, although the Grand Wagoneer’s final concept is still apparent.

A prominent, bulging hood, which made it to the final concept, is also seen in the sketches as well as the square wheel arches and a lower upward slant on the rearmost side window.

Seeing this more aggressive and playful styling, interested buyers of the returning Grand Wagoneer are hoping the automaker doesn’t tone it down even more.

The seven-seater vehicle is expected to arrive at dealerships in the United States sometime next year, complete with a flamboyant cabin and digital screens. It is believed to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but Jeep is still keeping mum on the details.

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