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Kia just announced that its new global impact crossover will be called the Seltos.

Inspired by Greek mythology, the South Korean automaker says the name is based on the legend of “’Celtos,’ the son of Hercules”.

In mythology, Hercules was actually from the Roman version and Heracles was the Greek god. But as the story goes, Hercules got tricked by a princess named Celtine during a stint herding cattle, when he went to her father’s place. It resulted in a boy named Celtus or Celtos, who then became the mythological father of the Celts.

Kia’s Seltos crossover was designed primarily for millennials and “youthful, tech-savvy buyers” looking for a vehicle that stands out in a crowd.

, Kia Reveals Name of New Crossover
Kia has announced that their new crossover will be called the “Seltos.” | Source: AutoBlog

The brand’s attempt to pique the interest of the younger generation is also evident in its decision to drop the letter ‘C’ from Celtos and replace it with an ‘S’. It also, apparently, implies speed and sportiness, and conveniently fits into Kia’s crossover and minivan naming scheme that includes Soul, Sportage, Sorento, and Sedona.

Details on the engines have not yet been revealed, but the Seltos is expected to brandish a sophisticated design that fits the taste of a younger generation. Kia’s designers were revealed to have put plenty of muscle and flourish into a small space without making a mess.

The interior is bannered by the 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen display, while adaptive cruise controls with a pack of safety and driver-assist systems are also visible between the dials. Exterior sketches, meanwhile, reveal the brand’s tiger grille and narrow headlamps, as well as a wide, curvy backside that embodies a crossover lifestyle.

Kia says the Seltos is set for a complete revelation later this month, but sales won’t begin in South Korea until the latter half of 2019 with other markets to follow.

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