Kia Vows 11 New Electric Cars by 2025

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Kia is one of several automakers actively pushing for the electrification of their respective lineups in the coming years. It is currently working on hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery-electric cars that will follow the footsteps of the Niro EV, a production version of a concept car first released by the brand in 2019.

According to a recent announcement released by the automaker, a total of 11 electric cars are in development as part of a wide-scale project called “Plan S,” where Kia invested $25 billion. The project’s end goal is to sell 500,000 EVs by 2026 globally, including the United States.

First of the 11 electric cars is reportedly scheduled for release in 2021 and will be the company’s first “dedicated” EV not based on an existing car. In short, it’s a completely new model from the brand.

Kia’s Plan S aims to sell 500,000 EVs by 2026 globally, including the United States.

While Kia did not share concrete details  what form the 2021 EV will take, the company is believed to have its eyes on the Imagine concept for production in Europe. However, it’s not certain if the same model will make its way to North America.

What’s crystal, though, is that the company is not completely abandoning the internal combustion engine. Its “Plan S” also intends to raise sales figures of cars powered by traditional fossil fuels. Also included as a goal of the project is the expansion of mobility services, although Kia sees the EV revolution as an opportunity for the brand to attract young car buyers, particularly the millennials and Generation Z.

With the first EV scheduled for a 2021 launch, the company is expected to divulge more information on the model later this year or early next year.

The Kia EV is also set to compete with other upcoming EVs such as Ford’s Mustang Mach E SUV, Volkswagen’s ID 4, and Chevrolet’s Bolt-based crossover.

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