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The Land Rover Defender is finally returning to the American market, the automaker announced at the recent 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The iconic off-roader has been transformed as a more luxurious and spacious vehicle with modern and sophisticated technology. For these changes, however, its price has considerably skyrocketed at the same time.

Ahead of its official market launch next year, the final production version of the Defender’s second generation was unveiled by Land Rover in Germany. And the first variant to be made available is the 110 five-door trim with options for five, six, and seven seats. It will arrive at dealerships in early 2020 and will be followed by the 90 three-door, short-wheelbase model with five or six seats in the second half of the year.

, Land Rover Defender Makes American Comeback
The new Defender has several design cues similar to its predecessor the brand has built 2 million units of in a span of 67 years. | Source: Land Rover

Completing the Defender lineup is the longer version of the 110 trim, carrying the 130 badge and with options for seven or eight seats. The 130 is planned for release sometime in 2021. Land Rover has not released the official pricing for all models save for the Defender 110 that has a starting price of $50,925 in the United States. For a complete package of the model, it is expected to come around $80,000.

The new Defender has several design cues similar to its predecessor the brand has built 2 million units of in a span of 67 years. And although the upcoming Defender has the same unibody platform used by the Discovery SUV as against the ladder-frame chassis of the old Defender, the upgraded model still comes with its signature boxy proportions.

And since its built for off-road adventures, Land Rover made sure a spare wheel is mounted on the rear while the interior has special rubberized flooring for cleaning convenience. It also comes with a side-hinged door for easier access to the cargo area and is offered with a jump seat that also doubles as storage.

The new Defender 90 is set for release in the United States next spring and will be powered by Jaguar Land Rover’s 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder Ingenium engine. This powertrain also has a hybrid system and makes 395 horsepower.

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