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Following the return of the Defender for the 2020 model year, Land Rover is hinting at the possibility of giving the SUV a remote control function sometime in the future.

Stuart Firth, product engineer at Land Rover, claims the technology is already in development.

According to reports, the remote control function will allow the driver to step out of the vehicle when passing a tricky off-road and maneuver the vehicle away from the obstacle using the remote control. Of course, the technology is being designed in such a way that the remote control function is done at very low speeds to prevent accidents.

, Land Rover Developing Remote Control Function for Defender
The release of the 2020 Land Rover Defender marks the nameplate’s return to the United States after several years.

Frith said the Defender’s architecture is capable of running the system and that Land Rover has already run prototypes with the remote control technology.

Reports also claim that the new technology will be compatible with the Defender’s 3D Scout system. The 3D Scout system creates a virtual picture of the SUV from the point of view of someone outside the vehicle. The remote control tech is also expected to work with the Defender’s Activity Key, which ensures that a driver is present and in control of the vehicle.

The release of the 2020 Land Rover Defender in the United States marks the nameplate’s return to the country after several years. It is expected to be offered at a starting price of $50,925 for the four-door trim, Defender 110. The two-door variant, Defender 90, is also set to arrive sometime in 2020.

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