Mazda Pondering On Own Subscription Service

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While subscription services have been constant in the lives of consumers, car companies have yet to consider offering them. In most cases, subscription services are for the likes of smartphones and streaming platforms.

However, since the marketing strategy has now found its way into the services of luxury automakers, it comes as no surprise that mass-market car brands like Mazda are mulling over following suit.

According to Mazda’s UK Managing Director Jeremy Thompson, there has been some “early thinking” around the idea of a subscription service. The automaker is open to launching the service sometime in the future. But the idea, for now, is focused on the much smaller UK market instead of the United States.

While there haven’t been mentions of Mazda possibly bringing the subscription service to America, it is still possible, especially if it succeeds in the UK.

Thomson cited a relatively younger market as one of the reasons for a subscription program. He said the younger demographic prefers a “simpler” way of car ownership, which includes possibly swapping for a new model. In several subscription programs, subscribers are given an opportunity to switch cars within a certain time frame at least once.

An example is Care by Volvo, a service that is currently being offered in the United States. In Volvo’s program, a car, insurance, maintenance, and the ability to change vehicles after the annual period are offered to a customer. If the subscriber wishes to swap into a different Volvo model, the company allows it, provided the clock on the customer’s year-long subscription will reset.

While there haven’t been mentions of Mazda possibly bringing the service to America, it is still very much a possibility, especially if the subscription service succeeds in the UK.

It is not clear yet how Mazda plans to conduct its subscription program, considering that it is not a luxury brand. But It could take inspiration from the Care by Volvo service with much room for improvement.

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