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As more and more brands dip their feet in the consistently growing electric vehicle market, more and more car launches are also happening left and right. And among the latest brands set to introduce its newest development is Mazda, whose very first EV is reportedly arriving in October.

The new model is scheduled to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show happening next month and reports claim that it has a completely new design and not based on any existing Mazda vehicle.

The EV, believed to be built on the e-TPV prototype, which is based on the CX-30 crossover, was revealed by the automaker earlier this year as a rough sample of a vehicle with an electrified powertrain and a range-extender gasoline engine. It was, however, mainly used for testing purposes.

, Mazda to Launch First EV in October
The model is said to be powered by a battery-electric powertrain, not the electric derivative Mazda has been using in recent years.

The prototype reportedly uses a 140-horsepower electric motor and a 35.5-kWh battery pack, but it’s not clear if the same will be used on the final version of the EV.

Aside from a completely new framework, the model is also said to be powered by a battery-electric powertrain and not by the electric derivative that Mazda has been using in recent years.

Judging by the recent trends and demand in the automotive industry, it is highly likely that Mazda’s upcoming electric vehicle will be in the form of a hatchback or small crossover.

So far, Mazda has not released any statement on whether the electric vehicle will be available in the United States.

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