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  • Initial Observations: The mat is heavy, thick, and contoured with hundreds of pegs on the bottom like a car floor mat.
  • Fit and Installation: The mat has a perfect fit but needs some time in the sun to flatten out completely after being shipped rolled up. Installation is straightforward but requires physical strength due to its weight.
  • Performance and Overall Quality: The mat performs as expected, feels rugged and wear-resistant, and is considered a great value at $123 despite its weight being a potential challenge during installation.

Key Information

Why You May Need a Westin Bed Mat

A bed mat protects the surface of the truck bed. Hauling heavy, sharp, and abrasive cargo or tools without a bed mat, you’ll have things shifting around and sliding back and forth. You’ll also scratch the paint off the bed over time and make lots of dents. This inexpensive bed mat helps a lot.

Product Review

Westin Bed Mat

The Westin bed mat, while a bit heavy to install, fits well, looks good, and holds up great, making it a solid choice for anyone needing a durable bed mat.

Price may change from the time the review is published. This product is also available from other stores.

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Initial Observations

The mat comes rolled up in plastic and it’s heavy – as it should be. It’s thick and well contoured, with hundreds of little pegs on the bottom like a car floor mat.

The Fit

The product has perfect fit. It is contoured around the edges to fit perfectly and looks good. But since it was shipped rolled up, it takes a bit of time in the sun after it’s installed for it to totally flatten out in the back near the tailgate. Not a deal breaker, just to be expected of any rolled up rubber mat.


The installation process would be challenging for a person without much physical strength because the mat is heavy. Best way is to get in the truck and drag it up into the bed, then position it. The process took only about 5 minutes overall. No special procedures were required, but clean any trash out of the bed first. Easy to install for one or two people as long as they’re reasonably strong.

Performance and Overall Quality

The Product is a great value. It installs and performs as expected. It feels rugged and wear resistant to the point of being permanent for the life of the truck.

Pros and Cons


  • At $123, this mat is priced right! Suppliers in my area charge $150 for a bed mat like this one.
  • Easy install and position (with the caveat that it’s heavy)
  • No special tools needed.
  • Heavy, durable, and thick


  • Requires strength and stamina to unroll and install because of the weight of it

The Verdict

Definitely recommend this product. It is well-made, installs quickly, durable, solid, and well-crafted.

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