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With the upcoming launch of the new Mini Cooper on the horizon, teasers for the vehicle during road testing are starting to come up.

But unlike the testing programs conducted by major automakers for their new models, the tests for the first purely electrically powered Mini are unconventional. The company chose to conduct its tests at the Frankfurt airport where a close-to-series prototype of the Mini Cooper was seen demonstrating just what electromobility is all about.

, New Mini Cooper Seen Towing an Aircraft
The new Mini Cooper SE pulls a Boeing 777F in a new video. | Source: CarMagazine

The Mini Cooper SE, identified as a ‘muscle car’, was recently seen towing a Boeing 777F freight aircraft with an unladen weight of roughly 150 tons.

The unusual scene was specially filmed by the BMW Group and Lufthansa Cargo in a 45-second commercial that shows the car pulling a much larger and heavier transport across the airfield.

Set to go into serial production at the British plant in Oxford, the Mini Cooper SE is based on the Mini 3 door and combines emissions-free driving with the brand’s go-kart appeal, premium quality, and expressive design.

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It is the second purely electrically powered model under the company’s premium automobile range, following the BMW i3.

The Mini Cooper SE’s ability to perfectly fit into the role of a muscle car was made possible by the combination of the electric motor and spontaneous power delivery with a high level of torque directly available from standing.

The brand has not released any details on the electric Mini, but what’s sure is that the car will carry the brand’s iconic design while also mixing a city-dwelling heritage and go-kart feel to keep the look contemporary.

The car’s front fascia includes a closed-off grill and simulated air intakes. And while there are no exhaust outlets, there is a tweaked rear clip and a rear diffuser that give the Mini Cooper a muscular look. It also has bolt-on side panels made of fiberglass that keeps the car as light as possible. Finally, the Mini EV Concept comes with LED taillights that form a Union Jack pattern.

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