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If you have trouble starting your vehicle’s engine, then using an OBD-II scanner can help you identify the issue. If you see the P0672 code, you can read this article to learn more about its causes, symptoms, and definition.

What Does the P0672 Code Mean?

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0672 code means “Cylinder 2 Glow Plug Circuit.” The code is typically triggered when the powertrain control module (PCM) detects a malfunction in the glow plug circuit. This code corresponds to the glow plug found in cylinder two.

automotive glow plugs
The P0672 code is typically triggered when the PCM detects a malfunction in the glow plug circuit.

Glow plugs are found in diesel engines and are used to preheat the combustion chamber before the engine is started.

Note: The definition of the P0672 code can be different depending on the vehicle manufacturer. Consult the appropriate repair manual or repair database for the exact code definition.

What are the Common Causes of the P0672 Code? 

Several issues can cause the P0672 code to trigger. These include the following:

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driving in cold weather
Your vehicle can exhibit difficulty starting in cold weather if it logs the P0672 code.

What are the Common Symptoms of the P0672 Code?

Here are the common symptoms of the P0672 code: 

How to Diagnose the P0672 Code

While the P0672 code may indicate that the issue is with the glow plug, there is a chance that it’s not the culprit. You need to properly identify the cause to be able to fix the DTC. This means you might need to visually inspect the glow plug and its wiring harness, which can be difficult if you’re not familiar with your engine’s layout. Doing this job properly might require special tools and knowledge. If you’re not familiar with doing DIY repairs, then we recommend consulting a trusted mechanic to diagnose the issue properly.

The video below might give you a better idea of the diagnostic process:

How to Fix the P0672 Code

There isn’t a fixed set of steps to fix OBD-II trouble codes. Repair procedures can greatly vary depending on the vehicle model and the diagnosis. If you don’t have much experience troubleshooting DTCs, then we recommend leaving the task to a trusted professional.

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However, if you think you’re up to the task, then the first step in properly fixing the P0672 code is getting an accurate diagnosis. After identifying the cause of the P0672 code, then you can start consulting online repair resources and guides for possible fixes. Chilton repair manuals can be useful. However, an ALLDATA DIY subscription might be better, as it provides detailed factory repair information for drivers who want to do the repairs themselves.

Any information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with a professional mechanic. The accuracy and timeliness of the information may change from the time of publication.

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