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How Do Car Brakes Work?

All drivers know that brakes serve to slow down your car and bring it to a stop. But have you ever wondered about the inner workings of your car’s brake...Read more


Does My Car Have a Recall?

Glitchy backup cameras, loose brake calipers, defective windshield wipers, and engines with a high risk of stalling—these are just some of the issues that have prompted vehicle manufacturers to initiate...Read more


5 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Shakes When Braking

A shaking or pulsating when applying the brake pedal almost always indicates excessive rotor runout or a variation in rotor thickness. Although not quite accurate, many professionals refer to these...Read more


Mazda3, CX-30 Recalled for Loose Brake Caliper

Mazda is recalling more than 24,000 units of the 2020 CX-30 crossovers as well as Mazda3 sedans and hatchbacks over reports that the front caliper bolts in the vehicles may...Read more


Why Are My Brakes Smoking?

So you’re driving to the office, and you suddenly smell smoke. Alarmed, you wonder what it could be—until you see smoke coming from the back of your car. Now, it...Read more


Car Care Month & COVID-19: Prep Your Vehicle for Emergencies

April is National Car Care Month—and it’s less than two weeks away. Now, with the exception of our brave health workers and other frontliners who are working hard to fight...Read more


What is Brake Fluid and What Does it Do?

Every driver knows what brake fluid is, and you’ve probably topped up once or twice already. But have you ever wondered what it does or how it functions inside the...Read more


How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Replaced?

A vehicle’s brake system is one of its most critical safety features. It allows you to slow down or bring the vehicle to a complete stop when necessary. But as...Read more


Better Together: A Guide to Buying Parts in Pairs

Is your car looking a little worse for wear? Or do you know someone who’s been saving up for ages to fix their ride? Show them some love this Valentine’s...Read more


Brake Dust: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Wheels Clean

You know that black residue that builds up on your car’s wheels? Yup, that’s brake dust. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon that’s hard to eliminate. But with a few helpful...Read more


Squeaky Brakes: What Do They Mean & How to Fix Them

Nothing—except, perhaps, 90s boy band music—sounds worse than squeaky brakes. Every time you press the brake pedal, the unnerving sound fills your ears. Besides turning up the radio, and masking...Read more


12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Don’t know what to get your loved one this year? Nothing says, “I love you,” like going out of your way to fix up their car. While the holidays can...Read more


How to Replace a Brake Disc

Changing a set of brake discs is usually one of the easier automotive repairs. Many people attempt a brake job shortly after learning how to perform other basic tasks, such...Read more


How to Diagnose Faulty Front Brake Discs

Rotors don’t take fancy equipment to diagnose. Most professionals test-drive the vehicle to see how the brakes feel. Then they perform a visual inspection of the rotors and, if necessary,...Read more


How to Replace Front Brake Pads

Brake pad replacement is usually one of the easier automotive repairs. Many people attempt it shortly after learning how to perform other basic tasks, such as changing engine oil. But...Read more


How to Diagnose Worn Brake Pads

Diagnosing a set of worn brake pads is pretty easy. Generally, all you need are your eyes and a few simple tools. Note: The following is a general guide for...Read more


How to Replace a Brake Caliper

Brake caliper replacement is pretty simple – until you get to the bleeding part. Then you’ll need a friend (and possibly a whole lot of patience) to finish the job....Read more


How to Diagnose a Faulty Brake Caliper

Before spending your hard-earned money on a new caliper, you’ll want to make sure the old one is bad. The good news is that caliper diagnosis is straightforward and doesn’t...Read more


Bad Brake Caliper Symptoms: 7 Signs to Watch Out For

If you’re like me—and almost everyone else on the planet—you rarely think about your brake calipers. While brake pads must be replaced periodically, calipers should last the life of the...Read more


How to Replace a Wheel Hub

Wheel hub assembly replacement is easy—at least, that's what YouTube leads you to believe. But the job doesn't always go smoothly in the real world, and I can personally attest...Read more


Signs Your Vehicle Isn’t Running Properly: 10 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Many modern cars feature high-tech diagnostic systems that monitor the health of the vehicle. Still, drivers will ignore common warnings that something is wrong. While it's okay to prolong a...Read more


5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Floor Jack

We’ve all wrestled with using a floor jack at least once or twice. Whether you’re an avid car guy or a first-time driver, it’s one of the tools in the...Read more


A Short Course on Brakes

The modern automotive brake system has been refined for over 100 years and has become extremely dependable and efficient. The typical brake system consists of disk brakes in front and...Read more


EPISODE 1: Power Stop Brake Kit

Level of Difficulty: EasyTools Required: Basic Hand Tools-air tools and a lift optionalInstalled By: OC MotorsportsInstall Time: Approximately 75 minutes Our JK’s bone stock brakes were perfectly serviceable on the...Read more

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