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  • The summer heat can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s interior while making drives unbearable for you and your passengers.
  • Sun shades and visors help filter the harsh sunlight from your windshield.
  • Seat covers and steering wheel covers are other interior accessories you can install to make your cabin more comfortable even after being parked under the sun.

Imagine going back to your parked vehicle, in a rush to get to your next destination, but you’re met with a hot steering wheel and seats you can barely sit on. The summer heat can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s interior while making drives unbearable for you and your passengers.

The good news is that you can combat the heat with a couple of affordable yet effective accessories. 

Stay Cool In Your Car with These Items

car accessories for summer heat
You can combat the heat with a couple of affordable yet effective accessories. 

Check out these nifty cooling items to keep in your car for the summer. 

Sun Visor

Most vehicles usually have a sun visor mounted above the windshield. Typically placed on the driver and passenger sides, the visor is a hinged panel that you can bring down to protect your eyes from harsh rays. 

Sun visors are usually made from a pressboard or polypropylene and secured with brackets. Some variants come with a small vanity mirror. 

Most drivers don’t think about these sun visors until they’re barely hanging on due to damaged brackets. Fortunately, these visors are fairly easy to replace. 

Average price range: $30-$50

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Recommended brands:

  • Dorman
  • Replacement
  • RT Off-Road

Dash Cover

Installing a dash cover or dash mat is a great way to protect your dashboard from sun damage while keeping its surface cool. 

Most dash covers are made from materials like fabrics, suede, velour, and fleece, which can lower heat retention.

UV rays can cause the dashboard material to fade and even develop fissures or cracks along the surface, which won’t be a good look for your vehicle. 

Having a dash mat is also one way to prevent spills and stubborn stains from damaging the dashboard material, especially if you’re someone who likes to eat and drink in their car. 

When shopping for a dash cover, it’s also important to consider the fitment of the product to prevent it from interfering with the deployment of the airbags in the event of a collision. 

Average price range: Less than $50

Recommended brands:

  • Dashmat
  • Dash Designs
  • 4WD Pros

Car Cover

Leaving your vehicle to bake in the sun is a terrible idea. You’ll feel like you’re inside an oven while your air conditioning system tries to work its magic. You might later notice several plastic components starting to melt or deteriorate. 

This is where a high-quality car cover comes in. If the summer heat is stopping you from going on a road trip and you’d rather stay at home, be sure to protect your vehicle with an all-around cover when not in use. 

Car covers come in a variety of materials, including knitted polyester, non-woven waterproof polyester, and fleece-lined materials, among others. 

Car covers might appear to be simple sheets of fabric, but a lot of them come with small yet important features. 

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For instance, you might come across covers that have heat-welded seams for superior water resistance, as well as covers with tie-down straps that come in handy for windy days. 

There are also car covers that have anti-theft locking mechanisms and breathable materials to prevent moisture build-up. 

Average price range: $100-$500

Recommended brands:

  • Covercraft
  • Bestop
  • Smittybilt
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Steering Wheel Cover

Nobody likes to get burned by a steering wheel that’s been left under the sun. Unfortunately, that’s something a lot of drivers have to deal with when they don’t have a durable steering wheel cover.

When shopping for a steering wheel cover, you’ll notice that there are various types offered in the market with each one catering to a specific need or preference.

Fabric steering wheel covers are typically made from cotton, polyester, and microfiber. These covers are generally breathable, comfortable to touch, and washable.

If you’re going for a cover that offers a non-slip grip, you can consider getting a silicone steering wheel cover. This type is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures, water, and UV rays.

There are also a variety of steering wheel covers that have unique features.

Wooden steering wheel covers, for example, are made from polished hardwood or bamboo mixed with a certain fabric for added style.

There’s also a massaging steering wheel cover which comes with padded cushioning and massage beads for stress and tension relief.

Average price range: Less than $50

Recommended brands:

  • Dash Designs
  • Dorman
  • Plasticolor

Seat Cover

If your leather seats have become unbearable to sit on because of the heat, you might want to consider getting some seat covers.

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Polyester seat covers are a popular pick in terms of cover material. The synthetic fabric is affordable, durable, and resistant to UV and water.

If polyester isn’t the best choice for you, you can also try getting neoprene covers. These covers are great at conforming to the shape of your seats, giving them a customized appearance.

One downside to neoprene covers, however, is that they’re too delicate for machine washing. You’ll need to wash them by hand and leave them out to dry.

You’ll also find a lot of canvas seat covers, as well as synthetic fabric ones. These covers are considered to be the most durable since they don’t deteriorate that easily under rough conditions.

Average price range: $100-$250

Recommended brands:

  • Seat Designs
  • Covercraft
  • CalTrend

Sun Shade

If you frequently leave your car in the driveway where it’s constantly exposed to sunlight, you might want to put up a durable sun shade.

Sun shades are great at protecting the cabin from heat and UV damage. They’re also relatively affordable.

Sun shades are typically made from materials like fabric, mesh, polyester, and reflective film, among others.

Sun shades also come in various styles, such as accordion, roll-up, magnetic, and suction cup.

Average price range: $50-$100

Recommended brands:

  • WeatherTech
  • QuikSnap
  • Rugged Ridge
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