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The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling vehicle for the longest time, but it looks like it’s not slowing down in terms of upgrades. Just as its toughest rivals continue to spew out updates each model year such as the Ram 1500, Ford is also working on a redesigned F-150 scheduled for a 2021 release.

But according to reports, the F-150’s updates are more than just typical truck duties. Bloomberg recently published an article claiming the automaker is looking to increase the size of the next-generation F-150’s touchscreen by 50 percent and injecting more advanced technology. If it realizes, the truck will get at least a 12-inch touchscreen capable of displaying maps and audio controls simultaneously.

, Upcoming F-150 to offer New Interior Features to Rival Ram 1500’s
Currently, the F-150 sports an 8-inch touchscreen.

The current version of the F-150 has an 8-inch touchscreen and Ford doesn’t think it will cut it in the competitive segment given the Ram 1500’s 12-inch display and yet-undisclosed refresh on the Chevrolet that is also likely going to focus on the touchscreen.

The new touchscreen is also rumored to be mounted vertically to fit into the center stack like the Ram 1500. As for the traditional knobs, volume control and other buttons will be placed on either side. However, the 12-inch touchscreen is likely going to be offered only on the higher-level trims.

After Ram 1500 overtook the Chevrolet Silverado as the second best-selling truck in the United States, it’s obvious Ford took notice, which is why it’s not much of a surprise that the rumored upgrades are closely similar to Ram’s.

But in the end, pricing, overall performance, and customers’ brand loyalty are still huge factors to consider. And it’s still too early to tell if Ford can maintain its number 1 position or yield it to another automaker.

The new Ford F-150 is expected to launch sometime next spring or early summer with production scheduled to begin around the same time.

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