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As if the highly talked about reclining seats and over-the-air updates are not enough to draw buyers in, Ford is also equipping the 2021 F-150 with a more functional tailgate.

Over the years, the battle among pickup trucks in the United States has continued to heat up with each automaker launching new features, technologies, and styling for their representative models. For the upcoming model year, it appears the competition has made tailgates its new battleground.

GMC was first to introduce an innovative MultiPro tailgate on its Sierra, while Ram launched its own version of the multifunction tailgate on the 1500.

Now, Ford is offering new features to the tailgate of the latest F-150 with the goal of making the truck more usable on job sites.

All-new Ford F-150 features an upgraded tailgate
The tailgate of the 2021 Ford F-150 has cleats mounted on both sides, which makes it easier for owners to tie down long items and secure them in place. | Source: Ford

Among these features are cleats that are mounted on both sides. This makes it easier for owners to tie down long items and secure them in place. The cleats are not available in both the Sierra and 1500; meaning, Ford has managed to one-up its rivals in this aspect.

Additionally, the tailgate of the new F-150 also comes with clamp pockets, which are ideal for woodworking.

The cleats and clam pockets come as standard equipment, but buyers interested in other trinkets for the truck may also add the optional work surface.

The exterior work surface includes more functions that can be accessed when the tailgate is down. These include a phone or tablet holder, a cup holder, pencil holders, and a ruler. This is different from the Interior Work Surface that’s also introduced in the F-150, which can accommodate a 15-inch laptop.

The tailgate of the new F-150 has one opening maneuver, which makes it different from its competitors in the segment. It may not be as good as the GMC Sierra’s several options or the Ram 1500’s 60/40 barn-door style, but the addition of the work surface could very well make a difference.

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