Volkswagen Bids Farewell to an Icon, Readies for Electric Future

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Even best-selling models reach a point of discontinuation. This is exactly the case with Volkswagen’s well-loved Beetle, which the company previously announced will no longer be produced.

The automaker is heralding a turning point in its history by gradually making changes to accommodate the company’s future plans for a more electric vehicle-focused lineup.

2019 welcomed the ID.3, Volkswagen’s first fully electric car, as well as a new corporate logo signifying the change in direction. It also released the all-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf, which will be renewed for another generation in the coming model years.

“The Beetle is easly one of the most recognizable cars in the history of automobiles.”

As a way to pay tribute to the icon, Volkswagen released a special animated short film titled “The Last Mile,” which debuted during “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2020” on ABC.

The film follows the story of a boy whose life events are shaped by the Volkswagen Beetle from his childhood to elderly years. It also includes past advertising campaigns and pop culture references such Kevin Bacon’s character in Footloose and a cameo of artist Andy Warhol. The film ends with a preview of Volkswagen’s ID.3 suggesting the company’s plans to commit to an electrified future.

“The Beetle is easly one of the most recognizable cars in the history of automobiles,” said Saad Chehab, senior vice president of Volkswagen’s brand marketing. “Honoring it properly required a medium with just as much versatility and universal appeal as the car itself.”

The company is scheduled to continue its special tribute to the Volkswagen in New York’s Times Square with a selection of films, messages, and a presentation of its future brand design, including a new and more modern logo.

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