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  • The SuperCab can accommodate up to six passengers without sacrificing too much storage space. It comes with a lot of advantages, including its impressive towing capacity, spacious interior, and high maximum payload capacity.
  • Some of the disadvantages of owning a SuperCab is that it’s extremely large, so it will take up more space in garages and parking lots. It can also be difficult to drive and may burn a lot of fuel.
  • A Ford F-150 XL costs around $34,000, whereas the XLT costs $42,000. The Ford F-150 Lariat model costs $58,000, and the Raptor model costs roughly $77,000.

“SuperCab” refers to a specific configuration of the F-series trucks. There are three primary configurations: the Regular cab, the SuperCab, and the SuperCrew.

What sets this configuration apart is that it’s capable of accommodating up to six passengers without sacrificing too much storage space, making it the perfect middle line between the Regular Cab and the larger SuperCrew.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving a SuperCab?

2017 ford f 150 raptor subpercab model
The SuperCab comes with a lot of benefits. It’s easily one of the most practical vehicles out there when it comes to hauling heavy cargo, towing trailers, and carrying passengers. Image credit: Ford Media Center.

Let’s take the Ford F-150 SuperCab as an example. It is a generally well-received configuration, and drivers have lauded it for its load capacity. It was designed to carry as many passengers and cargo as possible, and it’s exceptionally good at what it does.

Still, no vehicle is perfect. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of driving a SuperCab.

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SuperCab Advantages

The SuperCab comes with a lot of benefits. It’s easily one of the most practical vehicles out there when it comes to hauling heavy cargo, towing trailers, and carrying passengers. Here are some of the benefits that come with driving a SuperCab.

Impressive Towing Capabilities

One of the SuperCab’s greatest strengths is its towing capabilities. The SuperCab configuration boasts a maximum towing capacity of 12,100 lbs, making it more effective at towing trailers and towing platforms than the SuperCrew configuration by 200 lbs.

Spacious Interior

The SuperCab is a large pickup truck with a spacious interior, meaning passengers won’t have to worry about being cramped even though the vehicle is optimized for carrying cargo. This configuration provides 40.3 inches of headroom and 33.5 inches of legroom in both the back and front seats.

High Maximum Payload Capacity

Last but not least, one of the biggest pros to driving a SuperCab is being able to utilize its massive payload capacity. It can carry payloads of up to 3,020 lbs, making it perfect for hauling heavy cargo in the back while supporting numerous passengers.

The SuperCab is also ideal for road trips. The sheer utility of being able to support heavy loads also makes it useful for various situations like moving furniture, transporting small vehicles like motorcycles and bicycles, and stacking cargo to make deliveries easier.

SuperCab Disadvantages

Despite the many advantages that come with driving a Ford SuperCab, it’s not a perfect vehicle. For example, the SuperCab’s size and weight come with a lot of problems, and it’s not an easy vehicle to drive.

Here are some of the disadvantages that come with driving a Ford SuperCab.

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Extremely Large

Though the SuperCab’s utility cannot be denied, there are a lot of quality-of-life disadvantages that come with driving it. For example, the SuperCab will also take up more space in garages and parking lots. This can make parking the SuperCab difficult, and you might also struggle with maneuvering it through narrow lanes and roads. Large vehicles might be good for transporting cargo and passengers alike, but they can be inconvenient for day-to-day use.

Difficult to Drive

Another con that comes to driving a Ford SuperCab is that the size and weight of the vehicle might take some getting used to. Pickup trucks in general are significantly larger than your average vehicle, meaning you’ll have to adjust to their larger dimensions. The SuperCab is no exception.

The added size and weight of the SuperCab can also make it harder to handle, and drivers will feel more resistance from the vehicle whenever they turn the steering wheel. This, combined with the fact that the Ford SuperCab has a higher center of gravity, means drivers will have to make wider turns as opposed to quicker and sharper ones.

Burns a Lot of Fuel

Though this is unavoidable with most large vehicles, the Ford SuperCab is exceptionally heavy and weighs over 4,500 lbs. Because of this, the engine has to burn more fuel to compensate for the sheer size and weight of the vehicle.

Moving heavy vehicles like the SuperCab requires significantly more force than your average car. You might end up spending up to twice as much on gas than you would with a smaller vehicle like a sedan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seats Does a SuperCab Have?

The Ford SuperCab is capable of providing seating for up to six passengers. This means the SuperCab can carry more passengers than the regular cab which can only accommodate up to four passengers. The back seats can be accessed by using small doors that open backward.

What Models Is the Ford F-150 SuperCab Available In?

The Ford F-150 SuperCab is available in four models: the XL, the XLT, the Lariat, and the Raptor. These models each offer their own sets of benefits and characteristics. The XL SuperCab is the standard SuperCab that doesn’t come with any added features. On the other hand, the XLT model is more luxurious and comes with better trim models.

The Lariat model is another luxury model of the SuperCab with cushier seats and more quality-of-life features. Last but not least, the Raptor model is specially designed to be more effective at off-road driving while simultaneously offering the benefits provided by other models.

How Much Does a Ford F-150 SuperCab Cost?

A Ford F-150 XL model costs around $34,000, whereas the XLT model costs $42,000. The Ford F-150 Lariat model costs $58,000, and the Raptor model costs roughly $77,000.

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