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The ground clearance of the 2022 Toyota Corolla varies between trims. The SE Apex Edition and the XSE Apex Edition have the lowest clearance of 4.7 inches. Other trims keep 5.1 inches between their bottoms and the road surface. Then there’s the Hybrid LE, which stands tall at 5.3 inches above the ground. These values are low for a sedan-type vehicle like the Corolla.

Its low ground clearance restricts the 2022 Toyota Corolla to good roads and highways. You can adjust the Corolla’s clearance by installing different tires, or using a suspension lift kit or a lowering kit. However, such changes might affect the sedan’s performance, so you need to carefully consider your approach.

2022 toyota corolla on a highway
The Toyota Corolla SE Apex Edition and the XSE Apex Edition have a ground clearance of 4.7 inches, the lowest among Corolla trim levels. Image source: Toyota Newsroom

What Is Ground Clearance?

Also called ride height, it’s the space between the road surface and the lowest point of the vehicle’s frame. Some measure ground clearance using the distance between the bottom of the tires and the axle.

The manufacturer-set ground clearance is usually determined using an empty vehicle. It will change when the vehicle’s used, especially if the driver takes on passengers or hauls cargo. So don’t be surprised when a heavily loaded vehicle sits closer to the road surface than it should.

Why Is Toyota Corolla Ground Clearance Important?

It isn’t as sexy as engine horsepower, displacement, or even miles per gallon. Yet ground clearance plays a vital role in the Toyota Corolla’s performance on or off the road. Even if you keep to well-maintained roadways, it’s always a good idea to know your car’s ground clearance.

Ground clearance sets the vertical room for the vehicle’s wheels. When the Toyota Corolla crosses uneven road surfaces, its wheels need sufficient space to cancel the shock caused by the sudden rise or fall of the road surface. Higher ground clearance gives more vertical room to handle road shock.

It also influences the vehicle’s stability and handling on the road. Ground clearance is part of the vehicle’s overall height, which sets the center of mass. The Toyota Corolla and other models with low ground clearance stay closer to the road surface, increasing their stability and improving their handling at high speeds.

sideshot of a 2022 toyota corolla
The Toyota Corolla is a ubiquitous sight on the road. Let’s take a look at its ground clearance and how this affects its performance. Image source: Toyota Newsroom

Conversely, tall vehicles like the Toyota Highlander (8 inches of ground clearance) and 4Runner (9-9.6 inches) have high ground clearance. Their higher center of mass is great for bumpy roads, but also makes them more vulnerable to rollovers during turns, especially if you’re going fast.

Last but not least, ground clearance contributes to aerodynamic performance. The higher the vehicle’s height, the less aerodynamic it becomes. The low ground clearance of the Toyota Corolla makes it more aerodynamic, so it can accelerate faster without burning more fuel.

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