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Q: Where Is the Brake Light Switch Typically Located?

A: In most vehicles, the brake light switch can be found under the dashboard, sitting on top of the brake pedal.

A brake light switch can also be referred to as a stop light switch, brake pedal position switch, or brake on/off switch (for Ford models). It turns on the brake lights at the vehicle’s back when braking.

brake light switch located under dashboard
In most vehicles, the brake light switch can be found under the dashboard, sitting on top of the brake pedal.

The light switch automatically activates the brake lights as soon as the driver steps on the brakes and before the braking action starts at the wheels. Brake light switches are normally open. Stepping on the brake pedal closes the switch and completes the circuit.

Brake light switches on most newer vehicles also serve as an input to the body computer for various functions, including the anti-lock brake system and electronic stability control system input signals.

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Tips on How to Access the Brake Light Switch

In most cases, you won’t even get your hands dirty while trying to access the brake light switch. All you have to do is get under the dashboard, and you’ll find the brake light switch on the brake pedal lever or a nearby mounting bracket.

Depending on its assembly, you’ll need to unclip the switch or unbolt it from the mounting bracket.

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