Why Do Cadillac’s Badges Sit High on the Grille?

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How a car performs on the market highly depends on its overall appearance. A lot of customers place heavy consideration in the overall design while the technical specifications only come secondary.

This is one of the reasons why automakers put a lot of effort in conceptualizing their vehicles’ styling and design. Also why Cadillac decided to make its badge location high on the grille.

By design, Cadillac’s high-placed badge connects the headlights and the grille visually.

In an article published by Cadillac Society, several designers from Cadillac were asked why the badge is placed where it is.

According to the report, the high-placed badge connects the headlights and the grille visually. This is especially the case with Cadillac’s new horizontal headlights and vertical accent lighting. In older models, the automaker used vertical headlights, which allowed the badge to be placed right in the center of the grille.

This time, however, putting the badge in the center of the grille would make it appear “falling,” says Cadillac Society. The bigger grilles on the vehicles also allow designers to experiment with more styling ideas and place the badge higher than usual.

This new grille setup is seen on the Cadillac XT6, Cadillac CT6, and other upcoming refreshed versions of the company’s models.

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