Cadillac to Revive Iconic Nameplates

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In a new promotional strategy, Cadillac was revealed to be preparing to ditch its current alphanumeric naming structure and transition back to using real model names.

The change in the automaker’s nomenclature will begin in the 2022 model year with the company’s first all-electric vehicle being the first model to get a name other than the new Escalade. The electric crossover is set to be released in 2022.

Following the crossover’s release, Cadillac will slowly start phasing out the alphanumeric names such as CT4, CT5, XT4, XT5, and XT6.

The Escalade is the only model from the current Cadillac lineup with a real, non-alphanumeric name.

According to Cadillac spokesperson Katie Minter, some of the names may be taken from the brand’s heritage, while others are going to be completely new model names.

The Escalade is the only model from the current Cadillac lineup with a real name.

Cadillac first phased out its model names in the early 2000s when the CTS and SRX were introduced. And more recently, the automaker started renaming its sedans with the “CT” moniker, while SUVs were given the “XT” moniker.

The revival of real model names follows the same strategic decision by Lincoln, which recently dropped its “MK” names in favor of real names such as Aviator, Corsair, and Continental. It is also a stark contrast from high-end German brands that use alphanumeric names for their respective products.

Among the iconic real model names expected to return for Cadillac in 2022 are Eldorado, Coup DeVille, Fleetwood, and Seville.

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