YOUR NEXT CAR – Which Vehicle is Right For You?

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Purchasing a car, whether new or used, is a big decision for most people. You will likely live with (and pay for) the choice you make for at least the next few years, so do not make snap decisions.

Start by following the 3 Steps listed below. They will help you sort through the sometimes overwhelming array of choices you must deal with just to select the right vehicle for you.

Follow these 3 steps to find the perfect car for you

Step 1: Thinking about buying a car? Ask yourself these questions. (Click on each answer for hints).

Step 2: Next, decide in advance which qualities are most important to you.

Examine your priorities before you go car shopping. By being methodical, you can avoid impulse buying, which salespeople love, but which you may later regret.

Click on each quality below to learn more about what to look for

  1. Reliability?
  2. Safety?
  3. Price?
  4. Fuel Economy?
  5. Size?
  6. Performance?
  7. Comfort?
  8. Looks?
  9. Prestige?

Step 3: Now, let’s see what types of vehicle will suit you best.

Now, Let’s Narrow the Search

Here are some tips to help you sell your old car and find that perfect new or used car:

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