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What to Look For When Buying a Bluetooth Adapter for Your Car

Using a mobile phone while driving is actually one of the main causes of road accidents nowadays, which is why it's becoming more and more important for drivers to equip their vehicle with a Bluetooth adapter. This useful device helps you make calls, navigate the traffic, and control the other electronic equipment on your car without having to divert your attention from the road. If you're planning to buy a good Bluetooth adapter for your vehicle, check out the following factors to consider first for you to be able to choose one that will work for your needs best:

Finding the best type

A Bluetooth adapter comes in two different types: universal and stereo-specific. When it comes to choosing between these two, you have to know each of their pros and cons first before deciding which type suits your preferences perfectly.

  1. Universal Bluetooth adapter: If you're looking for simplicity, then this is the right type for you. Universal Bluetooth adapters are easy to install and simple to use. This type doesn't have to be integrated to your vehicle's stereo because its speaker and microphone are already included in its assembly. It's usually mounted over the car's dashboard, making it easily accessible for voice dialing and answering phone calls.

Since this type is basically a stand-alone device, it can be transferred effortlessly from one vehicle to another, making it a good choice for drivers who own several cars. However, because of its portability, a universal Bluetooth adapter offers less features compared to a stereo-specific one. If that's a big turn-off for you, then you might want to consider choosing the stereo-specific Bluetooth adapters instead.

  1. Stereo-specific Bluetooth adapter: Big on features with less buttons for you to manage, this type of Bluetooth adapter lets you control your mobile device using the stereo controls of your vehicle. It's also capable of playing sounds from your phone or a portable media player. Compared to a universal Bluetooth adapter, this type boosts your ride convenience by offering more features that are at par with built-in Bluetooth systems installed by vehicle manufacturers themselves.

A stereo-specific Bluetooth adapter needs to be integrated to your vehicle's stereo system, making it harder to install compared to its universal counterparts. Compatibility is also one of this type's disadvantages. Since it has to be integrated to your car, you have to make sure that your vehicle's stereo can support this type of adapter first.

A few more factors to take into account

Choosing the best Bluetooth adapter for your car isn't just about picking the type that's compatible with your car's specifications. You should think about the following aspects as well:

  1. Bluetooth version: An adapter comes in several Bluetooth versions, which offer various capabilities and speed. If you want to make the most out your Bluetooth adapter, make sure you get the newer versions because they offer improved performance, faster speed, and better power efficiency.
  1. Bluetooth profiles: A profile is simply a set of communication features which can be performed by a Bluetooth adapter. The Hands-Free and A2DP profiles are the most commonly used ones in a vehicle. It's highly recommended that you get a Bluetooth adapter which can perform both of these profiles.

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