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FAQs— Ford Body Lift Kit

  1. I am planning to lift my vehicle, but I’m confused about the different kits available in the market these days. What’s the difference between a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit?
  2. A body lift kit uses factory suspension to elevate the vehicle between 1 and 3 extra inches off the ground from its original height. This is done by lifting just the vehicle’s body from its frame via placement of spacers and blocks at different points. This kit is ideal for those who want bigger tires as it elevates the wheelwell to give way for such. It also brings aesthetic changes unto the vehicle.

    A suspension lift kit, on the other hand, replaces the entire suspension system to increase the vehicle’s ground clearance. The kit replaces the shocks and leaf springs, therefore elevating the vehicle between 4 to 6 inches more than its original stature. This kit, which is often used for trucks and 4x4, is perfect for people who want to improve their ride’s offroad performance, handling, and clearance.

  3. How do I know the type of body lift kit that’s right for my Ford?
  4. It actually depends on what you want to achieve with your ride. If you’re lifting it to gear it up for an off-road trip, then you must use a suspension lift kit. If it’s only for looks, then just settle on a Ford body lift kit. Another factor you might want to put into consideration is your budget. Body lift kits are generally cheaper than suspension lift kits.

  5. I already have experience in doing some car work. I’m planning to do the car lifting, but a friend advised against it. I need advice on this—should I let a mechanic do it or can I do the task myself?
  6. It’s important that you assess your DIY skill first before attempting to do the job. How familiar are you with your ride’s suspension system? Find out what type of lift you need and what kind of kit you are going to use. Installing suspension lift kits require more expertise and suspension system know-how since it involves replacement of your ride’s front and rear shocks and leaf springs. Read step-by-step instructions on how to do that task and determine if you can do all these by yourself. If you think the steps are kind of difficult for you to carry out, you’d better let a professional mechanic do it for you.

  7. I am planning to purchase a lift kit for my Ford. Someone told me that I should also determine if I’ll be using wheel adaptor. When should I use such and how important is it?
  8. Wheel adaptors are only used to help fix problems caused by the installation of big wheels. Installing wheels larger than 19 inches through the use of a lift kit usually causes issues since most lift kits require minimum rim offset to work. If you want to avoid using wheel adaptors, you have to buy the kit first so you can determine the size of the wheel that your ride can accommodate when it’s already lifted by the kit.

  9. When choosing a Ford body lift kit, I’m torn between rubber and neoprene. What are the advantages of each type?
  10. The neoprene body mounts are more durable and more resilient than the rubber type. But because of their resiliency, they are more expensive. Rubber body mounts, though cheaper, don’t last as long as their neoprene counterparts.

  11. Can I DIY car lifting? Heard of cases where materials like steel tubing and steel washers have been used. How safe are they?
  12. Yes, you can DIY car lifting, but you should use lift kits that are made by trusted manufacturers. Remember that when using body lift kits, you will have to adjust the height of the vehicle’s body. When installing suspension lift kits, you need to deal with one of the most important vehicle systems. Be careful not to risk your ride’s handling and driving safety by using just about any type of materials. Most manufacturers of automotive lift kits have been in the business for decades now, and they will more likely provide you with durable hardware that’s safer for use in your ride than those improvised components.

  13. What are some common problems associated with lifted cars? I am planning to lift my Ford, but I want to assess first if it's worth the effort.
  14. Despite all the advantages it could bring, there are always risks to lifting a car. In some cases, the use of body lift can make the brake line too short. If you’ll use a body lift kit that doesn’t come with a gas filler tube extension, you may need to extend the gas filler tube. Since you need to raise the vehicle’s center of gravity, body lifts can also make the vehicle too top heavy. There are also disadvantages associated with improper installation. So to avoid such, make sure you install the body lift kit well.

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