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FAQs—GMC Body Lift Kit

  1. When using a body lift kit to raise the height of my GMC truck to about 2 inches, do I still need new extended shocks? Is this a requirement for this kind of lift?
  2. Extended shocks are not included in the kit, and they’re not required since the lift won’t modify or alter the suspension. This kit will allow the auto body to be raised. However, the chassis, wheels, and suspension will have the same height or distance from the ground. Instead, the kit will include spacers to be placed between the body and the frame of the vehicle and some high-grade bolts that will replace the old body mount bolts. Along with these, the kit may come with the needed hardware to extend the steering column shaft, lift the bumpers to be even with the new auto body height, and lower the radiator shroud.

  3. I lifted the auto body of my SUV. It rides well, but I don’t like the gaps in between the frame and the cab/bed. The frame is also exposed. I was able to put in larger tires, though. What can I do about it? Is there any fix or accessory for this?
  4. To hide or cover up the obvious gaps within the fender wells, you may use some body lift gap guards. For the visible frame, you may attract attention away from it by using tubular side steps. Get custom-fit accessories to make sure that these will be covered up well.

  5. I’m considering lifting the auto body of my 4x4. I’ve already browsed through the available body lift kit options for a particular GMC model and have considered using some side steps for the exposed frame and gap guards to fix the unsightly spaces in between. While it gives me the 2” tire clearance I wanted, will it also affect performance in any way?
  6. The body lift kit isn’t designed to improve performance in any way. The most it can offer is increased tire clearance. It doesn’t totally improve ride quality or change the vehicle’s suspension, although some adjustments may be made along the way, such as extending some parts of the vehicle.

  7. What’s the advantage of using a GMC body lift kit vs. a suspension lift kit? I’m not sure which kind of lift to use for my SUV. I’m still weighing my options.
  8. The body lift kit will let you put in larger tires and wheels. With increased tire clearance, you won’t have to pay more with a body lift kit, as opposed to the suspension lift option. With this kit, you won’t need extended shocks. And you also won’t have to worry about any chance in ride quality. Suspension won’t be altered in any way. This doesn’t require a wheel alignment. Factory suspension geometry will remain the same.

  9. I want to raise my truck’s ride height to over 4 inches. What would be a good option for this: a suspension lift kit or a body lift kit?
  10. If you want to raise the truck’s ride height beyond 3 inches, then the best option would be a suspension lift kit. Usually, in a body lift, you can lift the vehicle for about 3 inches at most. So if you want higher tire clearance, this isn’t the kit you’re looking for. A suspension lift, meanwhile, can give you more clearance as it spaces down the vehicle’s suspension. The factory suspension may be altered completely using new parts to lift the chassis.

  11. For off-road vehicles, what would be a great choice: a suspension lift or a body lift? Aside from increased tire clearance, I wanted to have a truck-like ride. I want my 4x4 to perform better when off-roading.
  12. If you’re aiming at improved suspension in off-road conditions, your best option would be a suspension lift instead of a body lift. You can achieve improved off-road capability with this mod. The suspension lift can give you that truck-like ride you’re hoping for, while the body lift is limited to giving you a higher tire clearance that’s up to only 3 inches at most. It won’t alter ride quality or affect performance since this isn’t designed to modify the suspension in any way.

  13. Which is more difficult to install: a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit?
  14. A body lift kit is less complicated when it comes to installation since the suspension of the vehicle isn’t modified or altered in any way. It also doesn’t require extended shocks. However, some parts of the vehicle may need to be adjusted such as the bumper to match.

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