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Bosch Brake Pad Set Review

There is really nothing bad with using different kinds of brake pads for the front and the rear of your vehicle, but if you want to optimize your braking performance, you have to install a set. Doing so not only ensures that all your wheels experience the same “feeling” when you brake, but it also allows you to try out a specific brand of brake pad set each time. This way, you will be able to differentiate one from the other, and you will be able to find your best partner eventually. Thus, the next time you perform a brake pad replacement, opt for a set that comes from good brands like Bosch. It is not really advisable to expect much prior to the installation, but before opting for the brand’s QuietCast product, let us first put it to the heat.


  • For the front
  • Made of organic material
  • Two-wheel set
  • Includes caliper mount lubricant
  • Has a uni-mold design
  • With laminated rubber-core shims
  • With powder-coated backing plate

We tested this brake pad set on a 1999 Hyundai Elantra and a 2008 Acura RL, and here is what we have to say:

Thumbs up

  • The product looked very good. The rubber core shim had two layers of steel with rubber in between. The backing plate was thick enough, and the friction material looked perfectly molded.
  • The components definitely fit with the chamfers and slots on the brake calipers. The installation took only thirty minutes for each car.
  • We ran the Elantra and the RL on the highway to see how well the brake pad set would perform. Since this was the only time that the two vehicles received a replacement, we noticed that braking power was more pleasant. We did not need to exert so much effort on pressing the pedal.
  • After the ride, we inspected the front wheels to see how much dust the brake pads produced. There was some dust on the rims, but it was not that much compared with what the old ones made. That level of dust production was more acceptable.

Thumbs down

  • We experienced a few squeaks when doing critical maneuvering with the Elantra and the RL. However, we thought that this could be related to the brake-in period needed for the pads. The laminated rubber core shim should have prevented any noise, but we could forgo that issue because the pads did not give any other braking problem other than that.

The verdict

This Bosch brake pad set is a highly competitive product in terms of price and quality. Bosch manufactures different parts for cars, so it is unsurprising that it can produce such kind of brake pads with value. However, if you are looking for brake pads for specific applications, it is advisable to go for brands that specialize in such products. By and all, this product is a good replacement for your worn brake pads if you happen to be a common driver.

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