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You might have heard of drivers wanting to adjust their vehicles' rear brakes. Wonder how brake adjustment works? The process usually starts with the brake adjusting plug being slid out of place. This plug is a device that allows access to the brake assembly's adjuster wheel.Once the plug is removed from the brake's backing plate, the wheel can be rotated to adjust the brake shoes' proximity to the brake drum. When the shoes are at the proper distance to the drum, the brake adjusting plug is put back in place in the backing plate.The plug helps secure the adjuster wheel, and prevents dirt and other contaminants from entering the brake assembly. As time passes, this plug may give in to damage or wear and tear.When that happens, you can find reliable aftermarket replacements here at Carparts. We have directly source our products from world-class manufacturers in the industry.

• Made from durable rubber or metal

• Helps you keep the brake assemblies in top shape

• Important security device for the brakes' adjuster wheel

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