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Brake Booster Check Valve Grommet

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AC Delco 179-1266 Brake Booster Check Valve Grommet - Direct Fit
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Warranty : 24-months or unlimited mile AC Delco limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individually
Crown 4723640 Brake Booster Check Valve Grommet - Direct Fit
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Warranty : 1 year or 12,000-mile Crown limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 7-8 business daysQuantity Sold : Sold individually
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Brake Booster Check Valve Grommet Guides

Brake Booster Check Valve Grommet: Tips for Auto Parts Shoppers

With a tap on the brake pedal, the vehicle can slow down instantly or even stop completely, thanks to power-assisted brakes. The brake booster uses an engine's vacuum to make this happen. Otherwise, the driver would be left with a sore leg or a tired foot after the trip. To regulate the amount of vacuum in the brake booster, a check valve is used. If the grommet on the valve breaks or cracks, then this can result in a vacuum leak. This means that the driver will have to put more pressure on the brake pedal, which can make braking a tad difficult. To regain optimum braking control, a new brake booster check valve grommet is needed. Here are some tips and reminders when buying this grommet:

Aim for the perfect fit.

Look for a grommet replacement that matches the specs of the brake booster. It should fit perfectly in able to seal the connections. Otherwise, the grommet may cause vacuum leaks and may not fix the check valve problem at all. Check the specs. It should be built according to OE standards or should at least come in the right size. It should be molded or formed to fit the brake booster design.

Focus on quality.

Even if it's just a grommet, this doesn't mean that you can just get any low-priced item off the shelf or rack. The grommet helps prevent vacuum leak and seals the valve connection. The grommet should be made of top-quality materials to ensure that it can withstand extreme temperatures under the hood, along with vibrations and other damaging elements. The best sources of high-quality grommet replacements are manufacturers that specialize in brake products or brands that offer durable OE replacements or aftermarket upgrades. Some manufacturers guarantee stringent quality control and product testing to ensure proper fit and form as well as reliable performance.

Search for the best deals.

Top-quality brake hardware can be sourced from well-known brake brands. These manufacturers have specialized in brake design and construction and have the expertise and technologies to offer some of the best options in the market. They offer parts that are designed to fit a specific brake type or system. Some stores carry a wide range of triedandtested brands and aftermarket names that offer some of the most reliable replacement parts at a fraction of the dealership cost. Shop around and compare prices. Also look for a good product warranty.

Run some brake tests.

Before you go out there to shop for a new grommet for the brake booster check valve, inspect the brakes to confirm which part is causing the problem or to find out if there's an underlying cause. If the brake pedal doesn't go down even slightly when the engine starts, there could be a problem with the vacuum. This may be caused by fluid loss or a vacuum leak due to a damaged hose, valve, or piston. In case of vacuum failure during engine acceleration, the check valve should be inspected for damage or defect, along with the grommet and other mechanisms. If you experience locked-up brakes, you'll have to check for water in the brake fluid, or if you notice that the brake pedal isn't retuning fully, you'll have to check for a broken booster spring. Along with the grommet, you may have to purchase other brake parts.

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