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Bull Bar

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Added collision protection, that's the main advantage offered by your bull bar. Bull bars are designed to fortify the front end of your vehicle, helping protect your engine components and your ride's passengers against damage or injury caused by front-end collisions. Also known as roll bars or nudge bars, bull bars were originally made to shield your ride from damage in the event of sudden impact with a large animal. Hence, the bull in front of its name. But in the last few years, the bull bar has been used by vehicle owners to protect their vehicles against any type of road obstruction. To guarantee maximum auto protection, aftermarket bull bars are manufactured using hardwearing and long-lasting materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, welded steel, and molded polyethylene and polycarbonate materials. Auto owners who wish to employ bull bars but are afraid of the extent of damage these bars can make upon collision are also opting for softer and more impact-absorbent materials like polymer. Because of the strength offered by your bull bar, it's highly recommended that you drive with care when entering densely-populated areas. Because the same way this bar can offer your ride tremendous protection, it can also cause severe damage to anything your ride hits.