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GenuineXL 251-820-09-56 Position Light (Next to Headlight) - Replaces OE Number 251-820-09-56
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Vehicle Fitment
  • 2006 - 2007 Mercedes Benz R500 All Submodels All Engines
  • 2006 - 2010 Mercedes Benz R350 All Submodels All Engines
  • 2007 Mercedes Benz R63 AMG All Submodels All Engines
  • 2007 - 2009 Mercedes Benz R320 All Submodels All Engines
Product Details
Location : Front, Driver SideWarranty : 24-month limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individually
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Bumper Light Guides

Style and Safety: Choosing the Right Bumper Light

Automotive lights lead the way and inform you of the road condition when you're driving. Headlights and tail lights are the most popular and widely customized vehicle light assemblies, but you should also pay attention to your bumper lights. These lights provide additional illumination, making them equally crucial to your road safety. Bumper lights come in various styles and colors, so you'll probably have a hard time choosing the right pair for your vehicle. Read the tips below to help you decide better.

What are the things to consider when choosing a bumper light?

Safety features

Because of their location, bumper lights are constantly exposed to damaging elements. Don't be surprised if your newly purchased pair will immediately go kaput after a few days on the road. To make sure your safety won't be compromised, choose a bumper light that has been tested in simulated weather. The light must have proven resistance to humidity, rain, and even electric shocks. It should also come with weather-tight connections for a more secure fit. You should also choose a bumper light encased in a UV- and impact-resistant housing made from tough ABS plastic to minimize breakage. We also recommend getting a bumper light with halogen bulbs and surface reflectors for higher light output during nighttime driving.


Colored lenses play a big role in the overall style of the bumper light. Clear and smoked lenses are good options, as they can amplify the bulbs' light much better. The smoked color also gives off a customized and tough look, while clear bumper light lenses can match virtually all kinds of vehicle models. Amber is also a popular choice, but it won't do much if you want your ride to stand out. You can also choose hardened glass lenses instead of the usual plastic material for increased durability. Make sure the lenses match the color of the bulbs so that the light won't get filtered out. For the housing, you may choose chrome or black for a more stylish look.

What is the cost of a bumper light?

Bumper lights with standard features and design cost less than $50. The price can go up to $500 for high-performance ones. Bumper lights with advanced features and customized styles are priced at around $100 to $250. If you're working on a tight budget, you can get a bumper light with a price tag of around $60 to $100. This will allow you to choose a bumper light that suits your taste without having to spend a fortune.

How to Install a Bumper Light on Your Car

A bumper light provides extra illumination and allows you to see the road even at short distances. It's crucial to your safety during off-road travel and low-light conditions, so repair and replacement must be carried out right away once it gets damaged. A busted bumper light will affect road visibility and will make it difficult for you to pass uneven terrain. Install a new pair immediately to prevent road accidents and injuries. It only takes around five to ten minutes to get the job done. Here are the tools you need and the steps to follow in installing bumper lights:

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools that you'll need:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step 1: Use a 1/4-inch flathead screwdriver to remove the outer light housing. Insert the screwdriver under the left edge and pry the housing off. Make sure the screwdriver is wrapped in cloth to prevent the housing from getting damaged. Next, take off the screw securing the inner housing.

Step 2: After removing the housing, pull out the busted bumper light and twist the socket counterclockwise. Detach the socket and bulb from the bumper light assembly.

Step 3: Rotate the bulb counterclockwise so that you can easily pull it out of the socket. Rotating in this direction will help unlock the bulb.

Step 4: Find the two tabs located at the bottom of the old bulb. Remember to set your new bumper light bulb in the same staggered positioning of the tabs.

Step 5: Insert a new bulb into the socket and turn it in a clockwise direction to snap it into place. Press down the assembly and reinstall the outer light housing. Tighten the screw to lock the bumper light assembly in place.

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