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Cadillac Bumper

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Bumper - Front, Powdercoated Black, with License Plate Holes, without Air Intake and Impact Strip Holes
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Vehicle Fitment
  • 1999 - 2000 Cadillac Escalade Base All Engines
Product Details
Location : FrontNotes : With license plate provision; Without holes for air and impact stripColor/Finish : Painted BlackMolding Holes : Without Molding HolesLicense Plate Provision : With license plate provisionRecommended Use : OE ReplacementAssembly : Without mounting bracket(s)Product Fit : Direct FitQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyReplaces OE Number : 15607509Replaces Partslink Number : GM1002168Warranty : 1-year unlimited-mileage warranty
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Cadillac Bumper Articles

When asked about the elegance and luxuriousness of Cadillac vehicles, we say that it extends from bumper to bumper. And we mean it by the word. Cadillac vehicles are indeed elegant and luxurious, and such qualities can be seen in every part of the car, from end to end or from the front to the rear. And when we say from bumper to bumper, we mean that even the front and rear Cadillac bumpers were crafted with such care, making them look elegant and giving them a touch of luxuriousness.

The bumpers are the bars or blades attached at both ends of a vehicle. Bumpers were originally designed to protect a vehicle from too much damage during minor and low speed collisions. To serve this purpose well, bumpers of older vehicles were usually made from heavy steel bars. Today, most bumpers are made from rubber, plastic, or painted light metal, making them more prone to damages even from the slightest collisions. However, most vehicle bumpers today have hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders that would still enable them to absorb shock energy during collisions even if they get damaged easily.

Cadillac bumpers serve dual purposethat is to protect the vehicle and its passengers from minor collision damages while giving it a luxurious and elegant finish at both ends. Stock or original Cadillac bumpers were designed to be tough and rigid, allowing them to outlast most accident related damages and other damages alike. But while this seems to be the priority in their design, one can also see in Cadillac bumpers elegance in style that captures the luxuriousness of the vehicle as a whole. Truly, Cadillac bumpers give both ends of a Cadillac a luxurious finish.

Aside from the original Cadillac bumpers, however, there are a lot of other aftermarket and custom Cadillac bumpers that one can install in his car. Quarter bumpers can give your Cadillac both a sporty and a retro look while wraparound bumpers that extends to the wheel cutouts can give your car extra protection.

Closer Look at Cadillac Bumper

It can be a horrifying moment, while driving your Cadillac, that split-second when you realize that a collision with another vehicle is imminent. In a minor accident such as this, it is quite likely that the plastic cover for your Cadillac bumper will either crack or fall off completely. Getting a replacement from the dealership can be expensive and you will need a good amount of luck to find a suitable one at a junkyard. Fortunately, our online catalog will have the proper Cadillac bumper cover for most vehicles, typically at a much lower price that what other locations would charge. Our version is made to the same quality specifications as the original part, and it will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. Like the dealership or the junkyard, it will need to be painted to match your vehicle, before it can be installed. If the damage to your vehicle was more severe, we also carry many of the other parts necessary to repair your Cadillac bumper. The part that does most of the work in absorbing the impact is the shock absorber. It will often need to be replaced when the Cadillac bumper is hit. We also carry the foam padding that acts as filler, for most vehicles, as well as the various brackets and other hardware that will be required to complete the installation. In addition to the Cadillac bumper, our catalog has many other replacement parts, as well as a full selection of performance parts and accessories. To order the parts you need for your Cadillac bumper, visit our secure web site any time you wish, or place your order over the phone, toll-free.

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