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Bumper is one of the car parts and accessories that elicit the first reactions from any passer-bys. It is considered as the car's \"face\" that gives the first reaction regarding the car's over-all stance and condition. That is why the bumpers must be in topmost condition that can speak up for the vehicle's unique style and design. Wide array of bumpers under different brands like Volvo bumper can be found in the market both in traditional and web-based stores. Anyone will surely have fun in choosing.
Car bumpers, particularly front bumpers, are also considered as custom accessories to show the user's uniqueness and individuality. It can also be matched with other car parts and accessories to achieve the dream look anyone visualizes for their car. Such added accessories and parts may include bumper stickers, funny bumper stickers, bumper filler, bracket, cover, retainer, absorber, reinforcement, moulding, step bars, light guards, sporty grilles, light lens, trim strip, turn signal and many others.

Generally, bumpers are shield installed on the front and rear portions of the vehicle. It is usually made of steel, rubber, aluminum or plastic. Its function is not only molded for style and design, it also serves as a barrier to protect the vehicle from damages especially during low speed collisions. Some custom bumpers feature energy absorbers or brackets which serve as a foam cushioning component to absorb shocks and further damage. Bumpers which include truck bumpers, jeep bumpers and all types of bumpers for various car makes are designed not as a safety feature that would protect the passenger of the car against severe injuries but rather it is crafted to cover up the important components of the vehicle in cases of collisions which include the hood, trunk, grille, fuel, exhaust, cooling system and lighting system made up of parking lights, headlamps and taillights.

For better car bumper performance, NHTSA required bumper standards for passenger cars for front bumpers and rear bumpers. The bumper standard is only applicable at barrier impact speeds of 21/2 mph for the width and 11/2 mph for the corners. It requires protection in the area 16-20 inches above the surface of the road which would depend on the manufacturer's choice. The federal bumper standard is only applicable for passenger cars. The first standard was issued on April 9, 1971 as Federal Motor Vehicle safety Standard.

In 1981, evaluation of the bumper standard was done. It determined the effects of the standard to the users and consumers. Results show that bumper cars which failed to comply with the standards have greater net consumer loss. After another evaluation conducted in 1987, a generalization was concluded which shows that the consumer cost does not actually change due to the supposed car auto bumper standard. Based on the 10 years life span of the vehicle, the cost of bumper repair is offset by the reduction in the cost of the bumper itself and lastly, the change in the auto car bumper standard does not directly affect other car components that the bumper protects.
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