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When all else fails, you can still find comfort inside your vehicle's cab! The term 'cab' used to be applicable only to a truck's passenger compartment; nowadays, though, the passenger compartments in virtually all vehicle types are dubbed as cabs.A vehicle's cab is usually capable of seating two to five adults, and comes complete with a dashboard carrying the air-conditioning system. A center console connected to the dashboard holds the shifter.Inner door panels, carpeted floors, and the headliner can also be seen in a cab. These same parts also enclose the cab for security and comfort. And although the idea seems far-fetched, you can also find a wide variety of replacement cabs in the market.Here at Carparts, we surely have the perfect cab specifically designed for your vehicle. We can even ship your orders to your doorstep, fast!

• Makes driving easier and comfortable

• Contains the seats and the dashboard

• Can be styled to give your vehicle a unique look

A Few Things to Consider When Getting Your Vehicle a Cab Cover

Road debris, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV rays—there are a lot of harmful elements that may damage you vehicle's cab. Fortunately, cab covers were made to protect it from those things. A cab cover is one of the most useful car accessories that you can get. It's not meant to last a lifetime though, and it will inevitably reach the end of its service life after a few years of use. Once your cab cover is already damaged beyond repair, get a replacement as soon as you can. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Take its material into consideration

When it comes to getting the right cab cover for your car, it's important that you know what it's made of first. A cab cover usually comes in either polyester or polypropylene materials. Weigh the pros and cons of each material before deciding which of them suits your needs best.

  1. Polyester cab cover: A polyester cab cover can do a pretty good job of protecting your vehicle under the scorching sun. Unlike its polypropylene counterpart, the polyester one offers better resistance against damaging UV rays. This type of cab cover can also be washed with hot water, making it a good choice for people who prefer to avoid meticulous cleaning processes.

However, a polyester cab cover also has its own set of flaws. One of them is its poor resistance to water. This material easily absorbs moisture, making it useless when it comes to protecting your car against snow and inclement weather.

  1. Polypropylene cab cover: A polypropylene cab cover is your best bet if you're living in a rainy or humid area. Since it features better resistance against water compared to the polyester one, drying it once it gets wet is also easy and trouble-free. Unfortunately, this type of cab cover is less UV-resistant, which means that it would easily deteriorate if frequently exposed under the sun. If you're planning to get a polypropylene cab cover, make sure that you're always parked under a shade to keep it from getting worn-out.

Other helpful things to take into account

Aside from choosing the cover material that would give your cab the best protection, there are also other factors that you should take into account. One of these factors is its compatibility with your vehicle. What's the use of getting a cab cover that's too small or too large for your car? Since this accessory comes in various sizes to fit specific vehicles, it's actually pretty easy to find one that's compatible with your ride. Simply double-check the packaging or talk to its manufacturer to make sure that it's suitable for your vehicle's make and model.

Ease-of-installation is also another thing that you need to consider. Although installing this accessory may seem pretty easy, a good installation instruction would still come in handy in case you have trouble setting it up for the first time. Make sure that you get a cab cover that comes with helpful and detailed set-up instructions to avoid any hassles.

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