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Cam Plug: Plug That Engine Oil Leak, Permanently

Oil is a very essential part of your engine's inner workings. Having it everywhere else is never a good thing. With your camshaft constantly rotating, it's only natural that it will keep spewing oil everywhere. Now, if you start to find oil everywhere else but the engine, you may need to check your engine's cam plug. Let this guide help you find the right one for your vehicle.

Know your camshaft

In a way, the cam plug's size depends entirely on the size of your camshaft. That, in turn, depends on the size of your engine. So the first critical step to picking out a cam plug is to identify its size relative to your engine. One way you can do this is to bring your cam plug when you shop for a replacement. That's good if you're shopping in a store, but what it you want to shop online?

All parts are assigned a part number that is fairly standard in the industry. Apart from helping to identify and catalog the part, it also allows you to match, for example, the cam plug to the engine that it will fit into! This is especially useful when you shop online.

Choose the right fit

When it comes to cam plugs, you have the choice of going for an OEM plug or a replacement. At first, it seems like a throw up between superior and sub-standard quality. That may have been the case years ago, but replacement parts are increasingly becoming competitive. OEM plugs are more expensive simply because of the name attached to them. Replacement parts are just as good, some are even better.

Whether you're an OEM-loyalist or want to save up a bit by getting replacement, look for a plug that is polyurethane. Not only is it more durable, but it lasts longer too!

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